November 6, 2012

Art on the Walls

Mun. day.

Baby cuteness in his blanket! We had skin-to-skin time since he woke up with a diaper explosion and needed a full wardrobe change before his morning meal. This called for a cryyyying baby that needed extra comfort during his first meal. Extra comfort for a 7 week old? Get him -almost- naked and let him feel your skin's warmth against his. Bliss.


And some...breakfast greens! Then butternut squash oats: muesli or oats, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, raisins, wheat germ, ground flaxseed, chia seeds, almond milk - let it sit in fridge at least 5 minutes. Add butternut squash, microwave 3 minutes. top with shredded coconut and walnuts.

Today was a sad day, because papa Carrillo had to leave early in the morning to drive to Portland, Oregon for work. He installs computer systems in restaurants, the company he works for has clients all over the US and, just recently, Mexico as well. We're thankful he didn't have to fly away on a jet plane to the other side of the continent, but it's still hard to have him out of the house. Even harder? Not knowing when he is going to be home - but the blessing is that it could have been any hour, literally. We were definitely not alone, though! Praise God for His constant presence!

It was our first night without him since Santiago was born, so I was very blessed to have my mom over most of the evening. She helped folding loads of baby clothes, stuffing cloth diapers and making me an evening smoothie.


Something fun and new went down recently. I checked out the world of Craigslist, like I have been since maternity leave started and work stopped, and found a cafe in Seattle that was looking for artists to display their work on their walls. It's the same cafe my brother's fiance worked at, before the owners sold the business and had to let every one go about a month ago. They ended up re-opening because of man-to-man business drama, so they needed something fancy to decor their bare, nail-covered walls with temporarily. I know, it's sounding less and less rad that my art is on display there, right? Wrong. I'm stoked! Once those pieces time is up on them walls, I want to display my work everywhere. Not so much to sell them and make a million dollars and be a stay at home mom forever and watch my baby and future babies grow and be a house wife and all of that... but because it's exposure for me as an artist. They go to my blog, or my art website, and maybe see a bible verse I throw somewhere in there (I know, sooo intentional, Nicole) and snap - the seed is planted in their heart, they might shoot me an email, ask some questions, we might start up a conversation, they might come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior - who knows! The possibilities are endless.

And it was great to see my almost sister-in-law with her new love bug, Santiago. Even though her first love bug is my little brother, I can tell she has a special place in her heart for Santi. She is such a natural mama with him! Jacob is kind of terrified, er, doesn't like when babies cry while he is holding them, so I think it comforts the fella as he sees his soon-to-be-wifey so pro with taking care of a baby and making them feel secure. He still won't hold him for more than 10 seconds, but hey - neither did Santiago's papa at first! It takes the men a little while before they warm up to it, no worries.

 Dinner was pinto beans mixed with nutritional yeast, chili powder and paprika. Oh my goodness, I had never mixed in nutritional yeast before heating the beans up, and I regret not doing it earlier. Seriously, can you say sooo richh and creamy and delicious? It was oh so good! With tomato on top, steamed broccoli seasoned with salt and italian seasoning, and two sprouted corn tortillas warm n' soft for tipping into the beans. Super filling, in a good way, and mega satisfying. Hooray!

We also went out to FedEx and Target today for some things (I know, I'm going through this day completely out of order. shoot, son!), and I brought some snacks along for the journey since I knew I would get hungry. Santi ate a full, full, full meal before we left, assuring me that he would not fuss along the journey. He did, only because the car had to stop at stop signs and street lights (rude) and he prefers himself a moving car, thank you very much.

 Especially when there is no one in the back seat, I feel sorry for the poor guy as he just stares at nothingness while someone drives him somewhere. I try to chat with him everywhere we go so he knows I... exist and that he isn't completely alone, being driven around by a robot without feelings. I think he likes hearing my voice, since the radio just doesn't cut it and he'll cry like wild if all he hears is a commercial or music.

Goodnight moon! We're going to go into fetal position now, with the sleep sheep playing calming waves in our ear drums, and sleep a profound sleep. Goodness me, he just looks so stinking comfortable sometimes. Other times, however, his neck is letting his head fall one way, while his right arm is up in the air, his left arm is squished against the person holding him, and his legs are criss-crossed. Hello awkward positioning! I guess 9 months in the womb, the last months being super crammed up-in-there, makes babies used to being in funny positions that look extremely uncomfortable to grown ups. We're so picky, us old folks. Let's be more like babies.

For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:38,39

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  1. a baby without his papa is sad, and even sadder for the mom. My husband left two weeks ago won't be back until sometime early next year. it's sad that he can't be present in all the milestones, butm that's life, things happen, and most of the time for somwthing good in the future.

    babies definitely like moving car, hate when there's a lot of traffic! :)

    you do like smoothies eh, just I'm with corns, can't live one day without it