November 29, 2012

Mexico City: Day DOS

After a night of 8,000 feedings, wrapping a baby boy in a burrito 3 million times and a bazillion diaper changes, we come to Wednesday. I started the day slowly and care-free, and now that I think of it I should have opened up God's Word for some encouragement. Mami Carrillo left home early to buy us loads of fruit, and then picked up some freshly squeezed juices.

Beet and carrot, as well as beet/carrot/orange. Both were pretty delicious! She then blended up a crazy tasty milk-like drink, that she convincingly told me boosts milk supply for nursing mommies, that consisted of almonds, amaranth, papaya, sesame seeds and honey. She says it normally contains walnuts and/or pecans, and an apple. I asked her for a honey-free version next time, maybe an extra apple for sweetness, and she agreed.

Later, lunchtime: sautéed cactus, a Mexican favorite if mine, with pinto beans, avocado and tomato plus corn tortillas. Lots if feedings and diaper changes went down, as well. Leftover pozole for the rest of the group.

Gma Carrillo had lots of baby Santi time, they played and talked and then he fell asleep in her arms. She place him on a soft, squishy pillow and he slept like a rock! Even with Spanish TV on in the background, a loud-ish gameshow with bible trivia going down, he was happy to take a daytime nap. She even took a nap by his side for a while, which was so sweet! I wish I had a photo of it, but it's on uncle Pablo's camera, so baby by himself with have to suffice. It was such a precious sight, true peace went down in that room, and he was asleep for over 1.5 sweet hours. We left for movie night while he was asleep, but showing signs of waking up. I had a feeling that he wasn't going to enjoy the mere 6oz of milk we left him for the next 3+ hours....

So, we attempted movie night. First, I tried pumping. For a short-ish night out I like to have at least 2 full bottles (5+ oz each) and a few frozen back ups. Problem is, there is no freezer here and Santi had been eating often, every 45 minutes to an hour and a half, so I wasn't super full of milk. After 20 minutes, I was only able to pump 6oz. That made me nervous. I was trying to convince ma/Edu that it wasn't going to be enough, that I should just stay home, but alas... I left.

I was nervous as we drove away, Eduardo held my hand to comfort me. I'm such a goofy mama, but I couldn't help it, I knew that he was going to need more milk and he wasn't going to have it on hand. I had a very strong feeling that Isa was going to need us to come home early to feed the chubby buddy. The first time we left babe with my folks for a dinner night I was a wreck. He was a little over one month old, and even though I left them with plenty of pumped milk, all I could imagine was chaos. Everything ended up being completely fine, he ate well, slept, fussed but was calmed by his gpas, but like I mentioned - he had lots of milk ready for him! Anyhow, Edu decided to call Isa about 20 minutes into the movie (007 - I didn't even know they had made another one!) and sure enough, he had woken shortly after we left, famished like madness looking for milk, had a great diaper change (poo poo and urine everywhere!) and was fussing for more foods. We ended up leaving, just Edu and I, but were followed by Eduardo's brother, Carlos, who felt more comfortable driving us both home since he knew the roads and driving better (even though Edu was convinced he would be fine driving us alone).

Once home, I found mr.Santi being distracted by his amazing gma Carrillo, and I sat down to feed him. He ate for a long, great time, sheesh that kid loves eating! Can you tell? "hey, what's up, I'm like 10 days old but I weigh 30 pounds already, woohoo!" (exaggeration - he's 12 weeks old and under 16 pounds) and theeeeennn.... the brothers left for things, I chatted with my mami Carrillo, we had a fun visitor, Santi played with his favorite grandma in Mexico City, we ate a bunch of fruit, and prayed for a lovely night of rich, wonderful sleep.

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

So thankful for God's promises to His children, so thankful for the hope He fills me with, for the family He has blessed us with, for the life He has given me through His Son, Jesus Christ. I don't need to worry about the future, as rough as it may seem in my sight. He sees the bigger picture, I have no idea what He has in store for me, so why have I been feeling so anxious? Why am I allowing the unknown to terrify me, when He, Knower of all and planner of all things, has it set in stone for me? Thank You, Lord, for Your precious Word. Thank You, for your unconditional love. Thank You for being Greater than my fears and anxieties. 


  1. Breastfeeding must be hard when you are taking time away from your baby! Not looking forward to that, hehe.

    I've never had cactus! Looks good :)

    1. Yeah, I agree with other ladies when they say that the whole breastfeeding adventure is a learning process between you and baby - then comes the whole pumping experience, you AND baby have to learn. It's not easy at first but you get a routine (even pumping on one side while baby eats on the other - as long as you can avoid his/her feet from kicking the bottle away!)

      Cactus. is. delicious. ohhmymyyygosh.

  2. mmmm fresh cactus! I "smuggled" some home with us last time...I wrapped a huge bag in my suitcase between my shirts. Kurt's dad had gone to pick them near the pueblito where Kurt's mom grew up, so they were really yummy, fresh-off-the-big-cactus paddles. I didn't tell Kurt and waited two days till after we got home and then just surprised him with some super yummy sauteed cactus and fresh tortillas for breakfast. I love me some cactus!

    1. hahaha no way! You're so smart!! It really is that good - I'd smuggle it any day.