November 11, 2012

Polar Bear Sighting

Another 3 mile walk for this just-had-a-baby-but-has-a-weak-pelvic-floor-so-she-cannot-run mama! It was such a joy. Hubby's training called for an 18 mile run, and my folks, baby and I shot for a *freezing* 3 mile walk. It was superb! The day was super crisp, but once we started to move our legs and push ye ol' stroller, our bodies began to warm up and it ended up being very enjoyable.

by the way: Our just eight-week old baby slept for eight entire hours without interruption for the first time this weekend! It was insane looking at the clock and seeing that it was his first eight hour stretch, praise GOD! It will come, all you mommies wanting hope, just wait patiently and don't expect it at any specific week in their life. One day, you will experience it like we did, without warning. Peace!

We packed loads of snacks, I had a quick smoothie (banana, pineapple, golden beets, orange, lemon, ginger, water, ice) with some walnuts + prunes, and we headed out.

We had to take advantage of the super-cold temps (under 40*F - hello ice on the roof tops, hello almost Christmas, hello all things Winter, hello dangerous driving and scarves and boots and thick leggings and and and and snow waahooooo!) and put our little Santiago in his adorable polar bear outfit that has been just staring at me since we got it, longing to be worn, longing for December through February.

I know he is going to hate these photos when he is a teenager, which I giggle about. For reals, if the poor boy only knew what he looked like. So dang cute! It's from our friend, Lupita, and I remember very vividly pulling it out of the box at one of the baby showers. I can't believe Santiago is here and is wearing it already! Seriously, he has a little room to grow into it, but it fits him so snug. I have a feeling the fact that it fits like a huge, fuzzy, soft blanket is the reason he slept all morning.


The moment we buckled him into the car seat he just stared at me. This is wear I am sure he realized how adorable he looked (and not-so-manly) and instantly became unhappy with his wardrobe! Within a minute he was asleep like a rock, and slept through the entire walk (about an hour) and was pretty low-key through his diaper change in Starbucks and some play time with his grandparents. Again, when we found ourselves in the car post-exericse, he fell back to sleep! Even at the grocery store he was zonked out. Silly sleeper.

Oh goodness me. He's a goof! Anyway, here is Green Lake in all of its Fall glory:

Dinner was pizza, and the attempt to watch the new Spiderman movie. The attempt wasn't very successful, since baby boy decided he wanted to play and then go to sleep. It was too early for bed time, though, so we ended up with a high maintenance little Santiago who needed loads of attention, stimulation and fun to distract him from his sleepiness. Movie night has changed dramatically since the pre-baby days, but when we have a cutie-patoo to hang out with, we kind of forgot about the film's "importance". Here's to finishing Spiderman before the little fella is 6 months old!

happy late-Saturday post! Time to write Sunday's and Monday's. Oh snap :) Sometimes it's beautiful to skip a night of blogging and go to sleep at a reasonable time and be content as a bug!

Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, You are the potter; we are all the work of Your hand. Isaiah 64:8