November 4, 2012

Postpartum's First: 3 Miles

Okay, so it was a three mile walk - but that's better than nothing for me! I am starting physical therapy this Wednesday for possible prolapse (woohoo, congratulations!) and once that begins I will have a better idea for when running, jogging, jumping or hopping can take place in my life once again. For now, we walk and enjoy the fact that I can at least put one foot in front of the other. I mean, running isn't going to burn away forever, never to exist again, it can wait and so can my body. Giving birth is FUN! Well, it hurts like madness, and weird things happen once it's all over, but that won't stop me from making more babies, fo' sho!

"for reals, mom, can't we just stay home?"


So Saturday Eduardo had a 14 mile long run in the books for his half marathon training plan (race day is November 25th - Seattle Marathon and Half), and baby and mama wanted to follow him. Papa consumed a pineapple, orange & banana smoothie and left a glass for me, and I ate a nut ball (almond butter, cocoa, puff cereal, ground flax, walnuts... into a food processor and rolled into balls, living in the freezer for whenever-you-fancy easy access!). Packed snacks were: apples, mandarins, kiwis, carrots, coconut water & a sandwich with almond butter and fig jam for the marathon runner. We would have loved to jog a fourteen miles as well, but Santiago isn't 8 months old yet (really?!), so apparently we can't jog with him in the Bob stroller quite yet! I invited grandma and grandpa to come along for the journey, and they gladly accepted the invite. We met at the lake around 9:00am for joyous chit-chat and stroller pushing.

a joy-filled grandma :)

I'm so thankful for how good my body felt during and after the three-ish miles! We did half a lap one two separate occasions at this lake a few weeks ago and I experienced some mild & uncomfortable cramping - but none on this lovely morning! We even picked up the pace to a speed walk at one point, my mom and I, to out-walk my papa and his tall-as-a-20-foot-dinosaur-legs, breaking a sweat and feeling like real exercise went down! I know, walking is definitely real exercise, no matter what pace you go at, but I like to get a sweat in, just sayin'.

Some miles and one hour or so later, we stopped to get a snack from my car and then decided to feed the little babe in my parent's truck, since it's more comfortable than the back of our small car and more private n' peaceful than Starbucks breastfeeding. Santiago was doing great and sleeping like a happy rock the entire walk, then started to wake up fussing when the stroller stopped. Something about moving objects for that guy!

Well, I s'pose it could have everything to do with his life in the womb and his mama constantly moving, running, jumping and dancing him around. Fascinating stuff, huh? So the meal in the truck was just on time and he was happy as a toad (toad? really?). A diaper change took place as well, my papa went to hunt down Eduardo so he wouldn't be looking everywhere for his family, and later we snacked and enjoyed each other's company in Starbucks land.


Musical Panda = happy, distracted Santiago!!

There was also a RACCOON sighting! Amazing?

Then grocery shopping, a visit from my awesome friend Helena and her man - who gifted Santi with some really, really, reaaallly cute clothes that I can't wait to put on him - and some food. Eduardo's favorite dish these days? Bean and Rice Pizza! It's from Brendan Brazier's book, Thrive foods, and it's amazingggg. All you do is take equal parts cooked brown rice n' beans (we use pinto, he calls for black) and throw them in a food processor with 1/4 cup coconut oil, loads of chili powder and cayenne, salt to taste, (I also added a little quinoa flour since mine was still pretty sticky), roll it onto a coconut-oil covered piece of foil on a baking sheet and bake it at 300* F for 45 minutes. Oh, and we make a homemade pizza sauce with organic tomato puree, italian seasoning, garlic, salt + pepper. Then spread that over the "raw" dough, and top with serrano chili and bell pepper. Simple and so delicious! Mad filling, too, and the edges were crispy - gosh I tell you it tastes like cake.

But first, like always, we made ugly (delicious) smoothies: purple kale, orange, lemon, pineapple, ginger, banana, red beets and water. Don't knock it 'till you put it in your high speed blender and try it!

SO good. Oh, and then the night got a little messy since Santi didn't really nap but in the morning and a little when we had my friend over (a little being less than 10 minutes) soooo we are going to start looking at maybe setting up a schedule for this guy. I never thought it was needed, assumed he would sleep when he was tired, but he hasn't been napping much without me helping him during the day and it makes for rough evenings. He turns into a super sad, tired version of himself that only wants to sleep but can't do it on his own too well so he cries and cries, asks for milk even though he really just wants to suck on something to comfort him and help him take a snooze... and last night turned into this, as a result: sleep for 1 hr, wake, rock back to sleep. Sleep for 1 hr, wake, nurse. Sleep for 1.5 hours, wake, diaper change and nurse. Sleep for 1.5 hours, wake, nurse, diaper change.... all up until 7:30am. Whew. We're sleepy. He's zonked out on our bed because we were playing with him during his 30 minute long playtime this morning, and I need more pillow time.

Praise God for each new day, new night, and we learn with each of them - whether they be great, or not-so-great, or the-hardest-moment-of-our-lives. We stare at this 7.5 week old baby, and all the hard times are erased from our memory. It's pretty powerful!


  1. sorry to hear that you have prolapse, hope that gets better soon.
    walking is what ive been during these days before the clearance from the ob to workout, it feels great to just move a bit.

    sleep begets sleep, it's the key, it's counterintuitive to us but seems to be true for babies from everywhere you read.

    1. It's okay :) that's what physical therapy is for! And yes, it's nice to go on walks - so refreshing to move!!

  2. Beautiful pics! You have to walk before you can run, right? :) This will all be a distant memory before you know it.

    1. Exactly! I'll be marathoning... some day :)