November 13, 2012

Smoothies, Simple Meals, Sleep

Well, after two straight nights of 8 hour sleep-streaks for Santi, he decided to pull a 5-hour stretch last night. Boo! We won't complain, I'm just making an observation. Two nights in a row of 8 hour sleep stretches is a huge blessing! Anyhow, first off: blended fruit and greens! But of course, we had to start adding red beets to the blender, causing our beautiful green babes to turn brownish purple. How appetizing! No, really. It's delicious, and thick, and filling. It's a great breakfast and I wouldn't change it for anything. Well, that's not true. I actually usually have this drink in the afternoon, and I decided to have a different green smoothie for right-when-I-wake nowadays. It consists of collar greens, 2 bananas, an apple and ice with water. Superb. This beet friend is stronger, and is a nice switch-up so I don't get tired of the same old, same old, blended fruit and greens. Shoot, don't know if I'd ever get tired of these smoothies - they're so much easier than making a green salad every day. Just sayin'! Next up: baby photo shoot, 'cause his feet are only going to be this small for so long, right? I'll spare you the 6,000 pictures I took of him and just share a couple of 'em!

 Later, a lunch inspired by Caitlin over at Healthy Tipping Point: just cook some veggies, find a protein (sprouted beans) and find a grain (buckwheat) - no recipe needed! I chopped some bell pepper and green cabbage roughly into bits, sauteed them bad boys in coconut oil and sprinkled with Italian seasoning. For the beans, I cooked them water with curry powder, paprika, garlic powder, pepper and salt - they soak up most, if not all, the water and are instantly seasoned to perfection! The cauliflower "bread/crust" was made yesterday. What I do is soak buckwheat over night, rinse it off, drain, and let it sit in a jar that lies sideways with a cheese cloth over the opening. They sprout within a few hours, or days (just rinse and drain daily) and are loaded with more nutrients than their non-sprouted friends. Then I throw an entire head of cauliflower in a food processor and pulse until made into a "rice" texture. That goes into a bowl with the sprouted buckwheat and I season it with (more) Italian seasonign, salt, pepper, nutritional yeast and garlic powder. Bake for about 30 minutes, or until it's brown and crispy on the edges, on a temp of 350* F - either made into a pizza pie circle on a foil-lined pizza pan, or on a baking sheet, also should be lined with foil and lathered in coconut oil to prevent sticking mania. Delicious meal, surprisingly filling, and well-rounded if you ask me (but don't, 'cause we all know I'm no nutritionist, yo!)

Then we had fun fun time with papa during his lunch hour, and danced around the house like looney-tunes with Pandora's "toddler" station. Oh my goodness, hearing Disney music made my heart glad inside. It's a shame all of those movies aren't really that great for kids (lots of negativity, up in those films, for real!) otherwise I'd be watching them daily, giving Santiago no choice but to watch them with me, and fill his brain with nothingness. My oh my, the soundtracks are a load of fun, though! Santiago was actually pretty needy-boy today, and decided that I wasn't allowed to work from home, or cook much, or exercise, or doprettymuchanything - so I succomed to much dancing, moving, play time and kisses-all-over-babies-face-for-his-pure-entertainment most of the day. Naps were something like: 20 minutes, 15 minutes, 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 10 minutes...etc. We're learning!

Thank you, Pandora. For reminding me of my childhood. And those random phases in high school when knowing all the words to every Disney movie song ever invented was "cool"! bahah.

Okay. For reals, friends. I am brain-storming some seriously informative posts in the near future! I hope to have a little time (or, make a little time) to type them up.

Here's what is on my mind:
  • BUM Genius Cloth Diaper Review we've been using them since he turned 8 days old.
  • Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy why I need it and what I have learned so far (2 weeks in!)
  • 2 months old all we have learned as parents thus far, how Santiago is growing and growing and grooowwwinng and learning, and how my post-partum body and mind is doing.
So, with my daily checklist of: bible time, exercise time (for pelvic floor), kitchen time for hubby and my meals, work-from-home time, and baby time (which is all the time: feed, change, play play play, teach, talk, sing, dance, kiss attacks...) - we'll see how blogland does throughout the next few weeks! I hope to not abandon you. or you. or my other 4 readers! Seriously, though, it's kind of insane where the time goes. Every day I look at the clock and suddenly it's 11:00am, then 2:20pm, then papa is home for his lunch hour at 3:30, then it's 4:45pm and grandma arrives from work, then it's 6:15pm and Edu arrives, then he's putting Santi to sleep and it's 8:00pm, then I'm rushing to finish a blog post and it's anywhere from 9:30pm to 11:00pm. CRAZY!

Be still. Pray. Sleep.


  1. congrats on two 8 hours stretches, I'm so jealous now, we haven't had a 5 hours one for a while. :( well... I guess patience is a virtue to cultivate when having a baby.
    are u starting to work already? but it's so nice that you can work from home. I still have two months to go, I'm going to soak it in as much ad I can!!! :)

  2. wow 2 days of 8 hours of sleep! thats pretty good in my book! our puppy still hasnt slept 8 hours lol she gets up at 6-630am regardless of how late we go to bed!

  3. Yay for sleep!

    I made a juice concoction that was similar to your smoothie... apple, kale, carrot, beet. It had a nice brown color too, haha.