November 10, 2012

Taco Night

oh, taco night! first, there was bath night.

Then, a happy-head type of morning. full of smiles, strange old-man chuckles (seriously, you should hear this kid's laugh!), and funny stares. I chugged loads of fruit and greens, sparing you a picture this time since a mason jar full of green sludge can only be so appealing to look at. and then came lunch, somewhere around there. summer squash sauteed in homemade tomato sauce and lentil meatballs. oh me oh my! The fun (not so fun) part was trying to eat it while Santiago breastfed and then started to fuss because he turned into a sleepy babe. Yes, pasta sauce did spill on his pants. Yes, I felt like a bad mom when it happened. Yes, it has happened twice before - and that's just counting the times it has been tomato sauce of some sort. We won't get into the chocolate ice cream spilling on his Swaddle Me, or the ground flaxseed falling off my spoon down the back of his shirt, either...

He even let me read him a book (three times) while sitting content as a bug in my lap! This is huge, and it's the second time he has handled it - he used to let me read about half a page, if that, and then start to fuss. Now his attention span had a growth spurt (possible?!) and he lasts for minutes instead of seconds! It's so fun, I feel like we have a one-year-old on our hands already. Oh mee... don't turn one yet, baby Santiago, please?


Some snacks went down the hatch, we danced in the Bjorn carrier - oh gosh he loves sitting in this while I go about my day, he craves being held this way facing the world since he can absorb all his sights like a sponge and I enjoy a break for my biceps/forearms! Win, win - and more playing took place as Santiago decided today was a day of zero naps, momma. We did what I properly named "ABC Stairs" three times to get him to sleep - and each nap lasted less than 20 minutes. ABC Stairs is when you hold your baby upright, facing you (one hand supporting their bum as they sort-of straddle your waist, one hand supports their head/neck as if they're in an incline bouncy) and sing the ABCs to them as you walk up and down one stair. Like stair climbers! Like aerobics! Like, a great way to break a sweat even if you really don't want to but you don't mind making the sacrifice so your baby can get some shut-eye and you can cook some food for yourself (or go to the bathroom - priorities)!

So when 1:40 came around and he had comfort nursed for the 90th time, I decided that the moment he showed me signs of sleepy I would lie him on the couch, wrap my waist in the Moby Wrap, and plop him inside. He screamed, he yelled, he cried, he tried to move his arms and legs, I felt like an abusive parent for a minute, I shush-ed him, I hushed him, I sang, I... ABC Stair-ed that business - while patting his little bum-bum and shh-ing in his ear between ABCs. It took a good straight 10 minutes of crying and anger - but he slept. for a full hour. thank You, Lord!

Later we were greeted by papa for his late lunch-hour, then grandma headed over for a quick grandson-fix, and soon my friend Katie arrived for taco night! Ohmygoshtacos. Her friend, Carrie, also came by a little later in the evening to talk all things weak pelvic floor, Bum Genius diapers and life in general. It was such a great night! Katie is a pretty amazing lady in my life who switched to a plant-based way of eating some four months ago and is going at it head on. The woah-woah-woah part of it all is how this gal cooks! Seriously, she has never followed a recipe to this day and comes up with the most delicious meals you'll evah-taste. And to all the omnivores in this world, you won't miss meat when you eat her dishes. Serious. Seriously. Really. I mean it. Oh goodness. I love her.

The tacos were her invention of: lentils, cooked in taco seasoning, black beans and salsa mashed all together for a super satisfying taco filling. The extras? Olives, iceburg, cabbage, tomatoes, jalapenos, guacamole. I mean it, you'll go crazy if you eat these. I had four. Last time she brought this delight to work we each had six tacos. When it comes to her food, there is no "portion control" anywhere. We eat. We dine. We enjoy each bite. and we love how we don't feel roll-on-the-floor-holding-your-tummy full afterward. Plants are incredible.

 I completely forgot to take a snapshot of dessert - but per Katie's request I tackled Green Kitchen Stories' sticky nut bars and she supplied the Rice Dream Ice Cream. Oh sticky nut bars, you are a wonder. Just picture it: a handful of chopped up dates and an equal amount of nut butter (I use almond, original recipe calls for salted peanut), shredded coconut, raisins, chopped nuts - walnuts, pistachios, cashews, almonds, any type! - and some sunflower seeds. Thrown into a small pot on low heat, mix it all together, freeze in a parchment-paper-lined baking dish, remove from freezer, cut into bars or squares - serve with ice cream. I know, I'm rude for not mailing you one. Just go make them!

Fantastic Friday. Even though baby Santi fussed a lot and I sweat even more from so many ABC Stairs - it was a joy. Shoot, it's now Saturday night and I'm still exhausted from all those stairs. Hey, if I can't run a half marathon right now I might as well enjoy my mini-aerobics, no? Thanks, Santiago, you're sweet.

Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And we boast in the hope of the glory of God. Romans 5:1-2


  1. ABC stairs sounds funa and a great workout. I am also wondering how I run a half marathon once and now I get tired so easily when Sofia fuss and wants only walking around the house. She's just a bit over 9 lbs and my arms and back hurt already, do imneed to get a Bjorn carrier?

    getting them to nap is always a random incident, i can't find a consistent way to put her to take nap unless she really wants to. well, more to learn yet.

    1. YES! The Bjorn carrier is a great investment! You might be able to find a used one, since they are a bit expensive + used ones are just as good as new!

      You just have to be careful with baby growing and gaining weight and the strain on your back that a front carrier can bring along. It's all about good posture!

  2. Enjoy the 8 week old who lets you read to one, he´ll be crawling all over your lap, trying to scale your chest, stand on your shoulder, or jump down to go play....I got Tyler to get through two whole books the other day, which makes me think he is finally getting to the older almost 1.5 year old stage of maybe? understanding the books! And both the meatballs and tacos look so good, I came for cooking inspiration today, and now I am trying to decide which to make.....I am loving replacing many of our meat meals with high protein beans/veggies at least several nights a week. It seems to be helping the preggo nauseas too! Thanks for sharing!

    1. haha I can imagine! I remember and LOVED story time at the daycare in my 1-1.5yr old class. I pretty much shouted the story over the kiddos as they ate lunch every day. Otherwise - it'd be imposible.

      Both recipes are incredible, I hope you enjoy them miss Bethany!!

  3. The tacos look great!

    He looks so cozy in his moby :)