December 13, 2012

3 Months Old!

Hip hip hooray, he's a big boy now! I can safely say that breastfeeding has become second nature, easy as raw vegan apple pie (slice apples, blend up dates, some orange's juice, cinnamon, combine with raisins, pour over a crust that is dates, almonds and vanilla. ta-da!), Santi is a talker, he is reaching for and grabbing onto toys, he eats his hands often, he follows people with his gaze as they move around the room, he is just now starting to nap like a professional, he smiles and laughs at you, he can lift his chest up off the ground during tummy play, he yells - not cries - when he is mad, he is over 17 pounds heavy, and he's balding. Yipee!

I love talking to this boy. A month ago, I was excited and enjoying the fact that each morning he would wake up and smile while I spoke to him. Now? He not only smiles, but he'll goo and coo right at me. You can copy what he says and he'll go on and repeat it, you can speak in plain English or Spanish and he will continue to goo-gaa at you. I love his talking! I know, eventually the day will hit where I'll be all, "please. no more worddddssssssss!" but for now I'm all for it. Tell me more, baby! Tell me all about your feelings!

I was feeling a little concerned (the weird, you're-crazy-woman, new mommy concerns) when he wasn't grabbing for his toys. I have a friend whose baby is only a couple weeks older than Santi and he reached n' clasped his toys like 8,000 years ago. Comparing your baby to your friends baby is not encouraged, my friends! I'm a human being, how can I help it? Anyhow, I was constantly handing him toys and helping his little fingers clasp them- until one day in Mexico, he reached for a toy all on his own and grabbed the handle of it like a genius baby! Yay for milestones! He now has (accidentally or intentionally?) smacked my glasses off of my face, thrown toys on the ground and even his feet are madness - he kicked me during a photoshoot today. Good bum. Love him.

Santi also has a thing for books! This is golden, I know I have to embrace it full throttle since reading is such an important invention for brains big and small. Whenever I place him in his crib while I wash my hands post diaper-change, he just stares at his bible prayer book and English farm animal book (gracias gma and gpa Matthews!). I like taking advantage of these moments and sitting him in my lap to read a few pages. Sometimes I wonder if he's more into the pictures or the words, because he kind of stares blankly somewhere in between the two. There are moments where he will sit through 5 readings of the same book, and other moments (the majority at this point) where he only fancies a page or two, then he goes crazy in my lap and screams atop his lungs. Oh, screamer...

Motherhood has become fun but still challenging on some days. Now that he is beginning his lovely nap phase (I know, it might not last forever) I can blog a little bits, I can cook, I can clean. I know many new mommies, through their blogs, have been able to do all of these things from the start. But I guess I was too casual about it and didn't care for building any sort of structure or routine until now. So, here I am, finally taking advantage of his daytime sleeping, gettin' stuff done like I can imagine most stay at home moms do!

I am down to my pre-pregnancy days weight, but I think I was during his 2 month bday, as well. Again, zero muscle tone has returned, I got a squishy tummy and thicker thighs, but I love my body. It's covered in saggy skin, stretch marks that look like a monster scratched my sides and lower tummy, and clothes fit really strangely, but the fact that God blessed us with this fun blessing of a baby boy makes it way more than just worth it! Some day I'll run a marathon, but it doesn't have to be now. Not even this year, or next! I know the time will come where I can exercise like a mad woman, say hello to endorphins again, sweating buckets in the garage before anyone awakes. The day is somewhere in the future, it's simply not right now.

My pelvic floor? Well, I have been going to physical therapy for over a month now. I have my cool exercises I am s'posed to be doing on a daily basis, which I usually get to. Yet, in Mexico I was walking (more than I should have) and on the flights to and from I was bouncing with Santi to prevent fussiness (more than I should have) so a lot of the progress my PT was seeing has kind of sort of maybe a little bit okay a lot has.... disappeared. So, I am starting from what I feel like zero, phase one? On the road to pelvic floor recovery and strengthening! This means, no running, elliptical or even walking is recommended. We are currently looking on Craigslist for a stationary bike - yeah booyyy!!

Baby yoga is going very, very well! He loves this time with his momma. I do a few basic "sun salutation" stretches, with warrior poses and lots of downward dog. During a lunge I bend down a bit further than normal to place a huge kiss on Santi's face (hahah I accidentally typed, "santa" oops...) and he grins and giggles at me. I try to count out loud while doing yoga-business so he doesn't get bored. Eventually I'll do something cool and entertaining like turn fun/relaxing music on for him to hear. Or I'll just "hummm" and "hommmmm" like a true yoga guru. I try doing a few modified push ups on my knees and kiss him each time I lower to the ground. He loves this and so do my arms! With baby yoga comes some basic crunches (while hugging my tummy to heal diastasis recti - also known as abdominal separation, yay pregnancy!), bicycle crunches and plank action. If Santi is up for it, I stretch this time even more and do all of my pelvic floor exercises (inclined kegals with wedge, open/close heal/knee with exercise band around my knees for resistance). Exercise is hard with a baby. That's why babysitters and 4:00am exists, I s'pose!

All of Santiago's clothes are sizes 6 months to 9 months. Straight up 6 month clothes are getting pretty snug, and 9 month fit with a little looseness, which I can imagine is more comfy than too-snug. He's in the 8004545th percentile for weight and height. My parents purchased a swing for him from Craigslist and as I rested his burrito-wrapped body in it for a mid-morning nap, I realized how close he is to being too long for the seat. I don't know if I placed him too low, or if the fact that his toes were dangling off the edge simply means he's a giant and they don't make baby swings for 3 month olds that are his size. I won't say it to his face 'cause I don't want to hurt his feelings - but shoot son, this baby is probably going to grow out of his crib soon. The Pack N' Play doesn't have very high hopes.

 So, it has been a blessing. I will say it every time I do these monthly updates. God has blessed us far more than we could have ever imagined. Watching Santiago grow for three whole months has been such a joy, and it makes me sad knowing I won't be able to see him this often through his fourth month - but I rejoice, because Jesus is Lord, He has given me Salvation, and my God loves me more than I can even fathom. I won't worry about what tomorrow will bring, I will simply give thanks for today and for yesterday! Even when Santiago decides to wake up every two hours in the middle of the night for a small snack, and I wake up feeling like a zombie. My God never changes, He is constant in Love and Faithfulness, and I have an incredible family that He has gifted me with. Life is beautiful, every up and down and in between. Amen.

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  1. he is huge!!! no doubt he's off the chart!!! and so cute in that pic grabbing the toy!
    mine doesn't grab anything yet and I'm fine. I know babies develop differently and I don't do much comparison. as long as she's happy, I'm happy! :)

    you do yoga with Santi? that is soooo cool! I know how hard it ismto find time to workout when you have a baby. fortunately I have my mom so I can do an hour a day! :)

    congrats for 3 month birthday, wait, do we celebrate by month now? I guess so because its a bless!