December 21, 2012

How We Cloth Diaper

Yay, finally I made it to the day where I edited our cloth diapering video! I feel like I recorded the how-to months ago, and here it is - all covered in dust and cob webs. So, a little intro: when I first heard about cloth diapering, it was actually when someone dropped off a brochure at my job. It was about one of those diapering delivery services, where they supply you with a handful of diapers for a monthly or annual fee, they pick them up when they are dirty and give you clean ones. My friend, Katie, and I thought it was bogus nonsense, and made fun of how gross it was.

Months, or a year, later... I found out we were expecting a wee-baby and realized that "To Cloth or Not to Cloth Diaper" was going to be a decision we needed to make. I told Katie how I was seriously considering this whole cloth diaper thing. It was a mix of other to-be-mom's blogs, friends, and handfuls of YouTube videos, that convinced me. I then was able to convince my husband: we'll save money! it's better for the environment! softer on baby's bum! all good! and we did a little extra research to be sure this is what we wanted to do.

Come some months later... Katie thought of me when her friend told her she was trying to sell 24 gently-used Bum Genius 3.0 one-size diapers, a diaper pale, cloth wipes, a cloth wipe warmer, tea tree oil, lavender oil and Bum Genius anti-odor/stain spray. Whew! The whole package, and for a discounted price since they were used. Being the rock star friend that she is, she brought them to me and let me decide whether or not this was really what we wanted.

We bought them. The rest was history, and lots of laundry. We're so pleased with the decision to cloth diaper! I recommend it to everyone. You don't have to buy disposable diapers or wipes ever, you're not filling landfill after landfill with your baby's poop-filled diapers, and I like to believe that it's more gentle on Santi's skin, as well.

Happy video watching! Here's our routine!

Oh, and here is the diaper pale liner we use. We have three. I recommend having at least two so that while one is being washed you have a clean one to use!

Please message me with any questions! Also, here are a few videos and websites that guided me along the way (before, during, and after our decision to CD!):
*Mama Natural: Cloth Diapering Setup + why to Cloth Diaper!
*Naturally Thrifty Mom: Cloth Diaper Routine
*Friends Bethany and Monika :)

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Your system looks so similar to ours..and I have to say, we both (even Kurt after the initial months of "I am not so sure about this") really like the whole cloth diapering experience. I have recently been thinking ahead to baby #2 and decided to scan Craigslist last week to see if anyone was selling used newborn diapers, since our Bum Genius 22 stash of diapers wouldn't be enough for almost 2 year old and newborn baby girl. We ended up finding a nice family selling A TON of BumGenius newborn AIOs, a bunch of really adorable girly newborn and small covers and a bunch of really soft organic newborn prefolds for like next to nothing. Tomorrow I am going to be washing them and I can't wait for baby to get here so she can look all cute and dainty in them! Congrats on continuing to Cloth diaper, it is so much fun!