December 3, 2012

Mexico City: Baby Dedication

Oh goodness me! After a long, fun night of karaoke and the smacking of piñatas, a warm bath for baby given by his gma and gpa Carrillo and a nighttime snack, Santi fell asleep a little after 12:00am. Which is 10:00pm Washington time, but with him sleeping in later than normal I'm going to call that really midnight for him. God is generous in that Santi slept for almost a full 5 hours, then had some milk and a diaper change, followed by a 2 hour sleep stretch and then a final 3. I was nervous, I won't lie, that we had stayed out so late. But how could I say, "hey let's just go home" when there was singing and laughing and cousin/aunt/uncle quality time being offered?

This morning was a special one since Eduardo's home church here in Mexico, where his papa is one of the pastors, wanted to dedicate our little nugget (re: baby). We were a little shy about it, since Edu hasn't been a regular attendee of the church in over five years, but it really was a blessing to be received that way and to have one of the pastors, Eric, pray over Santiago and Edu and I as parents. Before baby dedication time, even though we were already running late for church, we did have a mini photoshoot in the living room.

 Santiago did, however, proceed to fill his diaper with baby poo while we were being introduced. Not only that, but he decided to just go for the big one and fill it again, which of course wasn't going to work for a disposable diaper, so the second round escaped the diaper and covered his entire left leg. Eric, the pastor, heard something and/or noticed Santi's body language (pink face, bent legs in locked position) and mentioned it to the church as a joke, but I whispered a confirmation that, indeed, he had pooped all over my hand.

Eric then asked me to hand Santi to him to pray, and I again reminded him of the poo-all-over-his-pant-leg situation, this time a little louder for the church to hear, and he simply laughed and said, "don't worry, I'll pay for the drycleaners!" as he took the baby into his arms. Oh baby!!

Here is breakfast (green smoothie of broccoli, romaine, collard greens, two apples, guayaba), banana and almonds. Mid-day snack was 2 bananas, a guayaba, more almonds and an apple. Lunch/dinner was beans, cactus salad (grilled cactus cut into strips, cilantro, onion, serrano chili) with tomato and avocado on the side. Shortly after dinner we all had peanuts, and then more fruit went down later in the evening. Oh happy meals!

Santi had a strange nap schedule today, though. After his 8-ish hours at night (broken up, of course with feedings in between), he only took one hour-long nap at church, then a 40 minute nap in the afternoon, and a few 10-minute long "cat naps" throughout the rest of the evening. Once 7:00pm rolled around, he was really, really tired. Isa took him into her arms to put him to sleep, and we all crossed our fingers as the minutes on the clock ticked away.... will he nap for an hour? two? will he sleep through the night? will we suffer later for such a late nap?

He was out for less  than 40 minutes. Which I didn't mind, truly. I sat on the bed next to him and did some reading on my phone. Within minutes I looked over at him and his eyes were wide open, gazing at the television across the room that was showing an evangelistic program. Hey, if he's going to watch TV, let it be some good ol' bible preaching! Anyhow, he eventually lost interest in the pastor's message and asked for some milk in his baby language, "eh, uh, eh, ehhh!" so I fed the cutie real good, changed his diaper, put him in his pijamas, and soon his gma and gpa arrived. Once they arrived, knowing he was well fed, clean and sleepy (since he had only 3 short naps all day compared to his 1.5-2.5 hour long naps the past few days) the boys and I left for a market. They bought movies, we bought our babe a really, really cute Pumas t-shirt (Pumas is a Mexican soccer team that Edu is a huge fan of, and that is where we got Santi's nickname in the womb: Pumita, or little Puma, which we still refer to him as!). Then home, where Isa had put him to sleep around 10:00pm, and he stayed asleep until almost 5:00am! Hoorayyy!! After a meal and a diaper change, he slept in 'till 8:30am. We're all very well rested.

Praise GOD! My prayer for the day is simple: Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father. Colossians 3:17

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  1. Oh my ... that hair!! What a chunk he is getting to be. He's getting so big! He's seriously, only what? three months old? Too cute. So glad you are enjoying Mexico City and all the family! Wonderful!