December 1, 2012

Mexico City: Chinese Pomegranate

Chinese pomegranate, ever heard of it? It may have change my (taste bud's) life this afternoon! First off, praise to GOD for Santi's great sleep last night: 5 hours, 2 hours, 3 hours - exactly like the night before - put to sleep by his grandpa Humberto. It feels so good knowing he is sleeping well, napping during the day, eating by the gallons of milk, and is overall so stinking happy.

Seriously, he has changed so much since we arrived in Mexico. I don't know if he simply wanted to get to know his family a bit first, before showing off his explosive personality, but ohmygosh he is such a chatty patty (chatty... patrick?)! He spends most of his non-eating, non-sleeping time laughing, goo-ing, coo-ing and smiling at family. Also, he is really pushing it on fitting into his 9 month sleep sacks, which gma Carrillo can only explain as a growth spurt! Really, he's huge and long and thick and grown up, I can hardly believe how heavy he is these days (right at 15 pounds a few weeks ago) and when I breastfeed him his legs, lower body and half of his tummy pretty much hang off my lap. Everyone who has visited comments on how much he doesn't look like just a 2 month old, and after holding him for a bit they mention how much their arm muscles ache. Baby bicep curls? Yes, you're part of my future.

Anyhow. Onto the time I (my mouth) fell in love with a new fruit. It all started with a trip to the market, after some quesadillas de flor de calabaza (also known as squash flower quesadillas) and some other green herb leaf quesadilla went down into my belly and my mami Carrillo's belly, and Eduardo's, and Pablo's, and we brought two to go for Cris and Carlos....

okay, after that we went to purchase some fruit and I saw myself a funny looking round thing I had never set eyes on before. The question that would come to anyone's mind is, "what is that?!" and, naturally what follows a question of that sort is a few pesos given to a man who hands you the fruit and you are forced to taste it.

Woah, it looks a lot different from the inside than it does on the ouside. Woah, I 'm going to have to put that gooey gel in my mouth, aren't I? Woah, if I don't like it I will look bad, huh? Woah, I feel like I am on Andrew Zimmern's "Bizzare Foods" - is everyone on TV staring at me and calling me crazy for eating this odd piece of fruit? Down the hatch it went, and boy ohhh boy was I surprised! It is so so sweet like a bunch of cake blended up into a gel and filled with sweet pomegranate seeds. I wish I could bring a hundred of them home with me to share them with my family and friends, you all would be amazed (or grossed out and too scared to try this magic creation)!

Anyhow, enough about chinese pomegranate, and more about the day. It included a walk to the tianguis or Mexican market, those squash flower quesadillas, a power outage that lasted over an hour and made baby Santi angry since he thought it was bedtime even though he had just woken up from a 2.5 hour nap, a giant salad and leftover mole, beans and rice, and baby + Carrillo family quality time!

purple romaine, mexican zucchini, tomato, pecans, amarath, avocado & leftovers

Uncle Carlos!!

broccoli, romaine, guayaba, pineapple, apple!

Papa Edu, kangaroo baby and grandma Carrillo
Cactus at the market!
Power outage fun!
 And this is the confidence that we have toward Him, that if we ask anything according to His will He hears us. And if we know that He hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests that we have asked of Him. 1 John 5:14-15

So thankful for this promise! It was exactly what we needed to hear this morning, thank You Father!

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