December 7, 2012

Mexico City: Doctor, Doctor!

Good morning world! Remember how I said Edu was feeling better yesterday afternoon? I guess I was lying. We all woke up feeling a little off - my head was pounding all night, causing dizziness and nausea. Edu feels like he was hit with a truck or something, and even mami Isa is feeling funny. Welcome, Winter illnesses of the world! You'd think that coming to Mexico each year around this time would help us avoid cold-weather viruses, but this seems to not be the case, for every year we get hit with something, whether it be January or December apparently. Goodness me. Praying for healing for all of us - lots of wormwood tea, fruit, and water!

Baby Santi, on the other hand, woke up in a great mood! I look forward to this every morning. He talks from his little bed -eh, eh, ooh, eh- and I give him breakfast milk, change his diaper, and he is all smiles. I take advantage of it each morning by taking 8,000 photos of him as I talk to him (when we talk to him he talks back - it's so fun!) and tell him how much we love the little fella!

So, the day ended up being pretty uneventful, and all about recovery. We all laid low, wrapped in blankets, sitting on the couch. None of us ate very well, there were very few calories consumed, and the sight or thought of any vegetable was, to me, quite repulsive. I know, it's like the first trimester of pregnancy all over again! Even bananas threw me off, for goodness sake! Anyhow, we had a doctor visit the home and cure my hubby the best he could with modern medicine, and the rest of us let our bodies do the healing on their own (none of us felt as icky as Edu).

The Mexican remedies are very interesting to see. For example, they slice potato thin like a potato chip and place the raw pieces on your forehead to draw out your fever. Also, grilled onions (grilled with water not oil) are placed on your bare feet and massaged into them to help bring a high temp down. Of course there is also the minced garlic and lime juice drink every morning and evening to strengthen the immune system and set you on the road to a fast recovery!

All I ate today is picture below. Every single morsel of food that entered my belly is right here before your eyes. The one thing I was worried about, with such a lack of appetite, was milk production for baby. I know that as I breastfeed Santi it's very important for me to intake loads of calories, more than I usually would, and drink liters of water. Otherwise, he won't eat well and we'll both feel like poo. After reading a bit on the internet about illness' while breastfeeding, I was re-assured that as long as my fluid intake was fairly high, I should be okay. Thankfully, water sounded amazing all day - not food - so I felt like Santi was eating well and packing in the antibodies to prevent feeling icky himself.

fresh coconut water straight from the plant itself at the market, and a delicious soup that I could hardly handle but enjoyed - chipotle pepper broth, garbanzo, potato, squash, green beans, lime juice.
So there was Thursday. Thankfully, I am writing this post on Friday - and Friday we all are feeling like new human beings! Thank the good Lord :) Off to enjoy our last day with the family, it's been such a blessing - a trip we will never, ever, forget!

With my whole heart I seek YOU; let me not wander from your commandments! Psalms 119:10

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