December 2, 2012

Mexico City: Family Night

This morning we woke up a little sleepy. You see, after last night's power outage and Santi's sleep schedule being interrupted by the darkness, he wasn't really in the mood to go to bed at 11:30pm (9:30pm Washington time). I gave him lots to eat all evening, then handed the sleepy baby over to his grandpa Humberto after proceeding to wrap him up in a blanket like a vegetarian burrito (ha). Unfortunately, Santi cried and cried so I ended up feeding him to sleep, then he woke twice within an hour of being placed in his pack n' play. He ended up sleeping around 12:30am I think, then slept like this: 3 hours, 2 hours, 3 hours. Hello 9:00am! On to commence the day.

Papa Humberto, Santi, Edu and I left the casa for some freshly extracted juice (one liter of beet/orange/carrot for me and a banana with some almonds was my breakfast), and half way to the juicing stand little monkey fell asleep in his gpa's arms. Power nap to keep the babe happy and content for the rest of the morning? Check!

Then Santi play time while mami Isabel cooked up a storm - lots of eggs, tortillas, beans and the last of the leftover rice for the boys. Then she lovingly blended together purple romaine, collard greens, guayaba, apple and pineapple with water for a mid-day "lunch" followed by a handful of pecans and another banana. She's a gem with that blender! After I gave a few more meals to Mr. Santiago, we thought about what to eat before heading over to Edu's aunt and uncle's house, since we were looking at a 7:00pm arrival time. Since all they were going to serve was tostadas (fried corn tortillas) with animal foot - I didn't ask which animal haha - as well as shredded chicken in salsa and hotdogs with chipotle sauce, Isa prepped a huge salad for me with collard greens, purple romaine, avocado, apple, tomato and lime juice with a side of black beans. It was super filling and sat wonderfully in my tummy for the rest of the afternoon!

Then we had headed over to see some family at their home just a 10 minute drive from the house. First off, punch, or as it's called in Spanish, "ponche". I like to refer to it as why sugar cane exists and how to really use it and consume it because what it contains is loads of fruit (guayaba, apple, raisins, some other fruit I tasted and couldn't handle that looks like giant blueberries with stems except they are yellow) and cinnamon sticks with huge sugar cane pipes inside - then you bowl it like a fruity stew. Oh my gosh. The first time I tried it either last year or the year prior I was amazed at its sweetness, turns out it does contain table sugar or other types of sweeteners, or so the rumor was last night, but I just love seeing actual sugar cane being used in its raw form. Hooray for the sugar God created and man hasn't touched! There were also really pretty jello-like molds with pecans inside, Edu had one and said it was delish haha. After the ponche I downed two tostadas with refried beans, lettuce (iceberg pride!) and salsa.

Next, piñata time! There were three piñatas in total, the first two were attacked by the younger kiddos and then the grown up cousins (we range from 15 years old to 32 years old - and from a quick count in my head I know there are at least 16 of us!) - the Mexicano tradition is to sing a song while someone takes their turn attacking the candy-filled piñata, it goes a little like this:

"Dale dale dale no pierdas el tino, porque si lo pierdes, pierdes el camino. Ya le diste uno, ya le diste dos, ya le diste tres y tu tiempo se acabo! Ese nino/a es muy tonto es muy tinto, se parece a su papaa!" translated to... "hit it, hit it, hit it (or go go go!), don't lose your aim, because if you lose it, you'll lose the way (to the piñata!). You already hit it once, you already hit it twice, you already hit it three times and now your time is up! (then you make fun of them for failing): that boy/girl is really foolish, is really foolish, they're a lot like their dad (or mom, or grandma, or sister/brother - any relative really that is there with them so everyone giggles and laughs because they are being made fun of)!

cousin Leslie!!

cousin Karen

Me being a professional?

Then we had some karaoke night turned singing competition. There were four or five teams, with team names and all, who each picked a song they would like to belt out. Then five judges were chosen (I was one of them) to rate the singing groups on a scale of 1 to 10. It was so much fun, this family is seriously such an amazing group of people, so much love and joy goes around when I am with them!

 All in all, it was a great night. A lot of people, a lot of laughing until our cheeks hurt. Thank You, Father, for another beautiful night! And Santi absolutely loved every second of his bath given by grandma Isabel!

Cousin Leslie and Pablo (Edu's younger brother)'s girlfriend, Cris!

Pablo and Cris
Mami Isa, cousin Leslie, goofy baby boy.
11:30pm bathtime!
Psalm 27:4
One thing I ask of the LORD, this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to seek Him in His temple.


  1. I just LOVE seeing these updates and seeing the same tianguis we go to with Kurt's family, the same street corner I've walked around a gazillion times, and reading about you enjoying all the things that we would normally be enjoying at this time of year...ponche, piñatas, and family. I can already taste and smell the fresh juices, the ponche, and I have to admit, even those yummy pickled animal feet. ;)

  2. sorry to hear that Santi is not sleeping so well lately. now I koe what to expect in the front when traveling. But you have great attitude as always.

    you drink juice from a bag? that's so funny!

    you are having so much fun there, enjoy! :)