December 8, 2012

Mexico City: Last Day

Whew, last night was for really really one of those "being a mom ain't easy business, yo!" type of evenings. I have photo proof, actually. Since I have been documenting Santi's eating, sleeping and awake hours - it's about time at 3 months old to give this boy a schedule! - I can show family and friends exactly how things went down. It makes me sleepy just remembering it!

Through the waking hours of the evening and morning, I decided to find peace and comfort in God's amazing Word. The bible verse of the day came from Psalm 119, so I decided to read through the entire book as Santi ate and tried to fall asleep. I love that His Word is sweet - sweeter than honey. That his Word guides me - a light unto my path so I don't have to wander in darkness throughout the day. I find hope in His word each day, each evening, whether the day has gone harder than I had expected, or if I can conclude it as one of the greatest days ever. God's Book is so perfect!


Santi did end up sleeping right before 10:00pm, and slept for a full six hours - such a blessing! Then another 3 hour sleep session went down, followed by a strange "feed me!" and "I'm uncomfortable, going #2 is a pain!" fussiness every 45 minutes or so until 9:00am hit us. I simply did what any mama is to do: feed the munchkin, and sooth him with your voice as he tries to fill his diaper (rubbing of the tummy helps, too)! Then he happily fell asleep on my shoulder, which was my cue to send him to his uncle Pablo and grandma Isa for some sweet one-on-one time with their love bug.


Since I didn't eat much yesterday (appetite disappeared in a dark forest and hid from me all day long) I woke up ca-razy hungry. Isabel prepared a "fruit cocktail" with banana, apple, guayaba, raisins and pecans/almonds - later I chugged a liter of fresh-pressed juice: beet, carrot + orange. Woah mama can you say waaaay too much food in my gut at one time? Cris, Isa and I went to the market about an hour later and I still felt majorly full - not good! Walking helped a lot, but after an hour of it all I wanted to do was sit on the bed and not move a muscle - thankfully, babe wanted to eat so I was able to sit with him and digest!


I am guilty of attacking a pretty flowered-tree and stealing one of its yellow beauties on the walk from the market, so I naturally decided a mini-photoshoot with Santi was necessary. Sweet flower child ahaha. Ha. Ha... the flower was, however, covered in mini-flies, so the photoshoot was cut very short, as I proceeded to blow the flower off like craziness right afterward and then get worried about the little bugs eating my child. I was told by family that they are harmless, thankfully. The tiny flower bugs still looked life threatening, for really!

Also, at the market we bought a bunch of quesadillas (we asked for oil-free fellas, the guy usually dresses the corn tortillas with some sort of veggie oil as they fry up but it makes them so filling and, well, gross. Oil-free is so much better tasting - I actually tasted the filling this time - squash flower filling deliciousness)! Since I was so full from juice, I left my quesadilla alone 'till hours later. It was an appetizer to dinner, which was more tlalpeño soup: garbanzo, green beans, potato, chipotle broth, carrots and lime juice yummie boo.

After food, we rested our bellies and enjoyed each other's company, and later took a Pumas (The Carrillo family's favorite soccer team) photoshoot with the family. Sheesh, we sure are a photoshoot bunch, aren't we? We're in Mexico, friends and family, this is how it should be - a time to take as many photos with as many family members as possible. After four visits, we have gotten quite good at it, or so we would like to believe. Santi, or our little Puma, enjoyed the attention and the funny looking black thing that we call a camera - he stares at it as if it is some sort of foreign monster. Which, let's admit, it kind of is. We hoped to get a portrait of papa Humberto in his Pumas jersey with his grandson, but he's going to be working late tonight, so that might have to come later.

and thennnn Cris, Pablo, Edu and I went for a walk to find some good ol' fashion souvenir's! The walk was lovely, I tried to take advantage of the sights of Mexico to share, mainly fun-colored preschool buildings, the "park" that splits the north-bound/south-bound traffic, the Christmas tree in front of the mall, and a fancy-pants display of gingerbread houses!

Sunset at the park in front of their home

they paint the trees' trunks to prevent insects from attacking them!

Now, a bowl of fruit for dessert, as we pack, baby Santi gets his last bath from grandma Isabel, and we enjoy our evening with family. Goodnight moon! Thank You, giving Father, for this trip, blessed be Your Name!!

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  1. That's an hectic schedule for the day, especially at night.
    I track feeding/sleeping using baby connect (iPhone app) and it's so much easier.

    Have you tried putting Santi to sleep earlier? I notice that if I keep S awake past 7, she won't settle to sleep easily.

    Welcome back to the US! I guess it's sad to leave Edu's amazing family behind, but you'll be so excited to see your parents that you missed all this time. :)