December 5, 2012

Mexico City: like Father like Son

Guess who slept for a full seven hours last night and woke up with the biggest smile on his face? Our almost 12 week old baby boy, Santi!! Woohoo! He looked so relaxed in his Pack N' Play, wrapped in a not-so-fail-proof burrito put together by yours truly. This kiddo loves himself a naptime with his arms free, hanging everywhere, too. I've been pretty surprised by his reaction to the constant burrito-wrappings after each nighttime feeding. Since it has been pretty cold in the house at night (their home is made of 100% brick, cement, and tiled floors because of the heat in the Spring and Summer) I found he sleeps a lot better wrapped up. Personally I wouldn't sleep well at all with ice-cold hands and nothing covering me at night but a fleece adult-sized onesie (ahah - I should by one of those and find out just how well I snooze)!

After his breakfast, he played "check out all of my funny face, mom!" while lying on the bed for a bit. Just can't get enough, I tell you. Even though I usually associate a happy-head with a lot of good sleep, he really almost always wakes up this way, once he's fed all he does is smile and grin, coo and goo goo at us!

fun time with uncle Carlos!!

broccoli, guayaba, romaine, pineapples.
chilaquiles! tortilla chips cooked in salsa - oh me oh my! with avocado, red onion and greens.
 After mealtime, we went for a walk to the market for some produce and such. The plan was to find the guy who sells fresh coconut meat and coconut water, but sadly he didn't arrive on this day - so I was coconutless. Bummer, man. It was still fun walking around the market and seeing all the food and plants on sale! Papa Edu happily carried Santi in the Bjorn while we traveled. The little guy always falls asleep in the carrier, we love it! Way to get a nap in when nothing else works - it's good to know I (almost) always have some sort of plan B. Off we went, Cris (Pablo's girlfriend), Isa, Edu, babe, Carlos and I. We walked by Eduardo and Carlos' middle school - all painted green and just calling my artistic/wannabe photographer's name. I asked Carlin to take a few photos of us because the green was the perfect background for snapshots. Love me some loud colors, fo' real.

Once we got home, I was thirsty like madness and hungry. So I ate and drank to my heart's content! More chinese pomegranate, more fruit, and then dinner. Isa threw together a huge watercress salad with avocado, tomato, lime juice, broccoli, bell pepper and red onion. I loved it! The first time I tried watercress here in Mexico a year or two ago, I didn't really like it. It's a little spicy like arugula, which I (wish I could but) can't stand (yet). But this year the rich, creamy avocado and the other toppings' textures really made this an amazing watercress dish. Thanks, mami Isa! Also, black beans - of course.


Later, the brothers left for movie night, where their papa Humberto met them after work and Isa, Cris and I hung out at home for a bit before visitors arrived. It was nice spending the evening with 99% ladies (all family friends from church, including a husband who immediately asked, upon arriving, "where's Humberto?" - haha, oops! We didn't know it was going to be ladies night, for the record. The boys just left, we planned on rescheduling the visit, but decided it would be fun to let them have their fun while we had ours!). Santi was eating the whole time, though, then ended up really sleepy. He hadn't napped much in the afternoon so he was a fussy head. After this photoshoot, Isa tried to put him to sleep but he wouldn't have it since he was at that point - the exhaustion that won't let him sleep no matter what. So I ended up leaving the party and nursing him in a different room while they chatted and enjoyed cinnamon tea, sweet breads and fruit.

Once Santi finally fell asleep after eating for over an hour (or so it seemed) I ate some fruit with puffed amaranth, oats, raisins and almonds. Then Isa shared some spiky chayote with me. I love chayote - it's like a russet potato, but sweeter, richer and more nutritional (I'd say). She cooks them with their spiky flesh in a pressure cooker (like you would a potato) then breaks them open and eats with a spoon. You can also eat the big, flat seed inside. It's also rich and soft. Seriously this fruit is so surprising. You'd never think that something that violent looking would taste the way it does. Not everyone likes it, but I vote you all try it if you ever go to Mexico or if you find them in a Mexican grocery store. They're delish!

Once he fell asleep (late) he would not wake up. It was so funny, Humberto kept opening the bedroom door where Santi was knocked out and shouting, "mi bebeee!" (my baby!!) but he would not wake up for no one! I ended up giving him kisses, talking to him and everything but he was out. I think he assumed it was bedtime since it was such a late nap, and I bet he would have slept the night through if we hadn't woken him up.

Once he finally woke, we prepared hot water for his bath. The reason we were so set on waking him up for bathtime is because yesterday was his official bath day (we bathe him every other day) but we arrived home late (I think? Wow, I can't even remember - go team!) so we skipped a night. That means he hadn't had a bath since Saturday night, dirty baby boy! Sunday was church day, so he was held by 8 million people, kissed by 5 million, and he had to have like 30 different perfumes infused into his skin's pours from the pass-the-baby morning. In short, he needed a bath tonight. No matter what.

We were looking through old photographs of Edu and Carlos (twins) and when we came across Edu's grandma bathing one of them, we knew we had to re-create the photograph for comparison purposes. Funny, no one knows if the picture is of Carlos being bathed or Edu, but that's not important, right? Check out the comparisons! bahahah we love it.

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  1. Yum, chilaquiles! I love them! That bathing comparison is a hoot. Look at Santi's expression!