December 6, 2012

Mexico CIty: Toasting to the New Year

After Santi's late night naptime (9:30pm) from over-stimulation or something we're trying to figure out, a late bath time, and a short feeding before bed, he slept for a -not-cool- 3 hours. I was so sleepy and it was so dark in the room that all I wanted was for him to magically escape his Pack N' Play, attach to the milk machines, and fall asleep in my arms. One can only dream of such things, I s'pose! After that meal and diaper change, he had two more sleep stretches (around 3 hours long each) and then we started the day. Again, a happy, happy baby greeted us this morning! I can't get enough of his smiles, it's so joyous!


I'm kind of in a sad mood, though, 'cause Edu is feeling crummy health wise. Every year since we've been married, he has been attacked by the flu around this time of year, usually after our visit to Mexico in the chilly time of Winter. This year's Mexico visit is early than usual (we're usual down here during the first week or so of January) and yet it seems as if the sick bug hit him nonetheless! Prayer is much appreciated for papa Edu that he would feel better soon, God's will be done, and that he can enjoy these last few days with his family. The remedy of the Carrillo household for any sort of weak immune system virus/bacteria? GARLIC! Yes, even my garlic-hating hubby believes whole-heartedly in this remedy. You dice up a few cloves and mix them into a glass of fresh lime juice and down the hatch it goes. He wasn't excited for this, but is even less excited for feeling sick, so quickly he drank the concoction.

Santi went with grandpa Humberto to pick up the morning juice (again, I had a liter of beet/carrot/orange) after a morning of play and hanging out in his grandpapa's arms. Then, of course, he ended up falling into a deep, rich sleep with his winter hat on. Even though it's warm here, the family likes to cover him nicely to protect his head from the sun's rays. I can't imagine the poor fella with a sunburn on his scalp, so I'll let them put layer after layer on him even if it means he sweats buckets.

Then breakfast #2 went down (I count 2 bananas, an apple and my liter of juice as breakfast #1!) - Isa blended together: broccoli, collard greens, pineapple, apple and water for a morning juice with the side of black beans, avocado and tomato. It was delicious! I had more fruit a little later in the early afternoon (bananas, apples, mandarins) and had a happy tummy.  Something that would go really well with the bean dish would be warm, corn tortillas, wouldn't you think so? I do, too. Only, the other day I had a few tortillas with one of the dinners and oh my goodness I felt so full afterward, as if I had eaten an entire baguette with the meal. So I decided to leave most grains and starches at every. single. meal. aside, so I can fit more veggies in my belly. I just feel so much better with a light tummy - so I'm letting the men enjoy their corn tortillas and loading myself up on everything else! No, I'm not going grain-free. I believe our bodies do amazing with whole grains in them. I'm just going to wait until we return to our U.S. home to enjoy pumpkin oats in the morning and quinoa stir fries in the afternoon. Oh quinoa, I do miss you quite a bit. Return to me some day?

Isa was happy to hold her grandbaby boy while I ate and after Santi had some milk. It's such a blessing to have them in my life - family that is more than willing to carry their grandson/nephew while I blog, or eat, or use the restroom - all daily tasks that are put on the back burner when baby arrives. I cannot say it enough - thank You, GOD for this opportunity to fly down to Mexico and see Santi's family. Every minute Isa holds him is irreplaceable. Every second papa Humberto sings him to sleep with hymns is special. Every bit of this trip is from the Lord, He has given us these 11 days, He purposefully plans each day, and I pray we can live according to His perfect plan. 

Then I read some 1 Corinthians 13 - all about love. It's amazing to me how important love truly is. How, without it, nothing really matters. Without it, we wouldn't have life. Without it, there wouldn't be eternal life after death. Without love, God would not have sent us His Son - for it was done with love! Without it, babies wouldn't exist, food wouldn't be enjoyed, life would... well... life would be awful. Everything we do would be for nothing. There would be no hope. There would be no joy. There would be no enjoyment of this earth God has placed us on. Without love, I gain nothing. If I do not have love, I am nothing.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty low key, as we waited for the arrival of family for a night of baby-sharing and life-sharing fun. Edu started feeling a little better, too, so my mood perked up a bit. I don't know how I'm going to be when Santi gets his first itty-bitty cold. I just might be a worried, sad, wreck. Let's not anticipate it, shall we?

Once family arrived, we dined on chiles rellenos (chiles stuffed with meat or cheese, covered in sour cream and cheese), with white rice, cactus salad and I made a classic green salad with lime juice, pecans, raisins and apple. We also had a "brindis" or a toast for the upcoming New Year and giving thanks for family being together. Usually the brindis would go down on New Years, but this time around we made the trip earlier since I'm on maternity leave - so this was family's way of doing it early. On the brindis menu: wine and jamaica (hibiscus tea) I chose jamaica!

It was a great night, just cut a little short because baby was fussy and I was really tired. Happy Wednesday!


  1. nap at 9:30? that's kind of late right? no wonder he's not sleeping 7+ hrs stretches. hope he gets back to that soon! so you can get some rest too.

    in china we also eat garlic to fight cold. hope Edu gets better soon.

    enjoy the rest of the stay in Mexico, so far so fun! :)

  2. Honestly, can Santi possibly get any cuter? That third pic is delightful! He looks like such a happy baby. And I love the way he sleeps with abandon, arms flung wide. So trusting and comfortable.