December 18, 2012

Our Baby Naps

I would like to take this opportunity to sing praise, for our 3 month old baby boy has been taking naps throughout the day. Wait, don't all babies do that at his age? Why is this a moment to sing praises of joy and thanks to our gracious Creator? Well, before we went to Mexico land, Santiago didn't have a regular nap schedule during the day. I would summarize the day with him as, "ha - he didn't nap at all today!" or, "it was so strange, he slept every hour or so, then a long 3 hour nap in the afternoon - isn't that goofy business?" or, "he is so fussy. All he has been doing is this all day," (I say, as I point to him, crying in his Rock n' Play).

I told myself, and family, and friends, that once he hit 3 months old, I would look at finding his naptime schedule and run with it. I mean, being a new mom is ca-razy (and fun, and challenging) enough as it is, and I wasn't about to encourage nap times or awake times when he was 4 weeks old, c'mon! Too much to ask. At least, it was for me, so I just let him sleep and wake as he pleased. Of course, sometimes he wanted to sleep but didn't, and that's why a lot of parents do encourage naptime throughout the day, even before their babies are 2 months old. I salute to you, good job! I simply didn't do it that way. Yes, there were many days and evenings, mornings and lunch-hours where Santiago was a fussy-head and it was most likely very probable his nap time - but I didn't know that! So we (all) suffered (a little) and now we have learned, and he is (as are we) happier. Yahoo!

Nowadays, I look for "hey, ma', I'm drowsy" signs from Santi. This include, but are not limited to: rubbing of the face/eyes, yawning, fussing even if he has a full belly and clean diaper and is well-entertained, and simply noticing a few hours have gone by since his last snooze. Sometimes he wants to sleep while eating, since the sucking action soothes him, and other times he is okay being rocked to sleep, wrapped in a Swaddle Me or swaddle-friendly blanket. We lie him down in the crib in his room with the sleep sheep and/or heart beat bear (white noise is our friend) or in his Pack n' Play in our room. His naps are usually from 40 minutes to 2 hours. I try not to let him sleep, and sleep, and sleep some more, past 2+ hours since I know he will wake up screaming hungry and the longer naps usually make him sleepier, so he fusses until you put him down for a second nap. 'Tis how it's been going, for now.

It's a joy, because while he happily sleeps, his body is content as it rests and recuperates from massive play-time, and I can do stuff! Wow, do stuff, she says? Yes! I can cook, I can clean, I can blog, I can dance - well, actually dancing is not encouraged at the moment since I am still working on strengthening my pelvic floor which limits my ability to jump, wiggle, hop or strut... - I can even go to the bathroom without singing to Santi, just to re-assure him that I'm "jussssttt going to the baaaathroooom my love, don'tttt crryyy pleaaaseee I didn'tt abandoonnn youuuu!!" Whew. I even read the bible sometimes, do a little writing in my journal, drink water, cut up an apple, and work on the computer! I know, this is big.

I'm excited for Christmas and I wish I could live with my parents. Is that weird? Being with family full-time and watching Santi grow together is aw-some. The end. I'm hungry. I'm going to eat pinto beans, bell pepper, zucchini and tomato. Even though that's what I ate yesterday. Let's just do it! Oh, baby just woke up. Good timing, bro!


  1. Ahhh!!! Nicole he is SUCH a cutie pie! You must be such proud parents :)

    1. Thanks girl! We are so more than blessed - we can't believe he is ours! You should do this parenting thing, it's pretty superb!