December 24, 2012

Weekly Grocery List: a Vegan and an Omnivore, in Harmony

A friend of mine requested this post, and I love that she did! I've always enjoyed sharing how myself, a plant-based eater, and my hubby, a love-plants-but-also-takes-part-in-his-omnivore-ways-once-in-a-while, eat on a weekly basis. What do we buy? Where do we buy it? How do we make life easier in the kitchen? What's available in the Northwestern side of the U.S.A. for vegans? I'll answer a few of those questions and more, today on the...

Weekly Grocery List: 
A Vegan and an Omnivore, in Harmony!

So, we only go food shopping once a week. Husband goes to Costco, where we purchase fruits and veg in bulk, and I go to the local grocery store, where we find all of our organic produce, among other edible items. Sometimes, we realize we forgot to write something down on the list of foods to buy, so we'll make an occasion Sunday run to Whole Foods to fill in the void. For the most part, though, it's one shopping trip per adult and we're golden.  Ready to take a gander? Okay then, gander!

Pictured above is a usual load of items we would find at the grocery store. This is usually my grocery list, assuming our fridge is close to or 100% empty:

bananas (yellow + ready to eat)
green onion*
collard greens*
red cabbage*
green cabbage*
bell pepper*
golden beets*
pears, peaches, plums... anything in season that's crazy cheap, under $1.50/lb, that looks good and we don't buy on a weekly basis but sounds great at the time!
serrano chili
sweet potato

other business!
tempeh or tofu
almond milk, unsweetened original
turkey breast for hubby's pizza
mozarella cheese for hubby's pizza
tomato puree*
unsweetened carob powder
unsweetened extra dark cocoa powder
raw sunflower seeds
vital wheat gluten
nutritional yeast
puffed cereal

*organic goods.

My husband, as I said, makes the weekly Costco run. There we take advantage of the bulk items, even bulk produce. The bummer with our Costco (I realize all Costco's carry different items) is that most of the food is not available in organic - it's all conventional business. The good thing, however, is that most of the bulk goods we buy at Costco are foods with peels - and you know what they say about organic and peels! If it got itself a peel, it don't got to be organic! Or... something like that. The usual purchases for our fam are... (keep in mind, since we buy large quantities of these foods we usually don't buy them every. single. week. since they last longer than the -weekly grocery store- foods!)

frozen cherries*
Mary's Gone Crackers
coconut oil*
almond butter*
yogurt for hubby
coconut water

pinto beans (uncooked)
unsalted peanuts
sprouted bean trio
sprouted grain trio
brown rice
ww spaghetti

Most of the foods I like to use in the kitchen are just too dang expensive at the local grocery store. We're huge fans of Bob's Red Mill brand of flours and grains, but good golly you're looking at $9/bag at the grocery store for those things! So we then dive into our best friend, Amazon. com. There we buy more bulk items of our favorites!

purchases include, but are not limited to:

Quinoa Flour
Shredded coconut, unsweetened

A few years ago, when we were living at the apartment and had minimum storage space in the kitchen, I found myself tired and frustrated with all the bags of dried foods we had. There were bag that were taped shut, rolled shut, open and spilling out onto the cabinet's floor. And honestly, it was just ugly. So, one day I decided not to throw away that almond butter jar I just licked clean, and instead gave it a good wash and let it dry so I could fill it with cereal! I love the look of it, you can see everything clearer, it's fun and fabulous, grains and seeds stay fresh, and you feel cool. What other reasons do you need to be convinced to switch to an all-jar pantry?! Tell me now!

Hooray! See where we keep the bulk bags on the bottom? So much nicer than having bags and boxes of stuff all over the kitchen, behind every door and in every drawer. I love it tenderly and softly. Oookay, once we return home from shopping time - I prep the vegetables for the week. This makes life easier, more fun, and makes us both more willing to eat our food. I don't go too overboard, but I used to and simply learned the hard way. What do I mean? Well, I used to wash all five heads of kale and de-stem them, then place them in tupperware for 6 days - this is a failure and will most likely result in wilted, unhappy kale by day 6. So that went out the window, and now I do this:

Wash and de-stem enough kale for 2-3 days worth of smoothies
Cut up and wash all broccoli
Wash and remove greens from beets, peel
Make 3-4 days worth of smoothies, jar 'em

We have a green smoothie every morning. They used to always contain: 1/2 lemon, peeled, 1 orange, peeled, 3-4 de-stemmed kale leaves, 8oz water, 1 banana, 2-3 quarter-sized nobs of raw, peeled beet (gold or red), 1 half inch piece of freshly peeled ginger, 3/4 cup fresh pineapple. I would jar mostly everything except the water, and leave the kale washed in a separate container simply because it won't fit in the jar, and all my hubs and I needed to do the next morn' was empty the jar into a blender, add water and kale, and blend! Breakfast? Check! *The smoothies-in-a-jar you're about to see have a half apple in them, simply because I ran out of pineapple and I needed to make up for the lack of sweetness! Apples are also a great addition, my mom uses apple (1 whole one), blueberries (one handful), and dates (2-3), and doesn't use beets - also a great smoothie, I've tasted it meself!

Now, though, we were inspired by our mami in Mexico to add raw broccoli to our morning green beast. I, personally, can't handle the flavor of raw broccoli, but love it steamed and roasted. Issue is, I'm not keen of steaming or roasting it on a daily basis, so sometimes I go 5 days without this amazing, disease-fighting cruciferous vegetable in my life. So this whole, toss some in yo' drink, idea? Amazing! I was also inspired by Dr. Joel Fuhrman's book, Eat to Live, about getting 2 large servings of greens in my belly on a daily basis - so that's when I got the idea of using collard greens in the morning smoothie and then partaking in a kale salad sometime in the afternoon. We tried it out this past week and loved it! Collards for the win!

Lastly, here is our fridge. Other foods I prepare to make the week happier are:

*5 cups pinto beans, dry and cooked in the pressure cooker with 1 garlic clove and 1 chunk onion, 2 tsp salt and water that is an inch higher than the beans
*quinoa muffins for my spouse to bring to work (recipe here)
*hubby's salsa (20-30 serrano chilis, 3 roma tomatoes, 1 tsp salt, 1/4 cup water - blend!)
*cut up kiwi for snacks
*kale salad with this fabulous dressing (or a simple dressing of one orange, 3 Tablespoons dijon mustard, 3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar, blend!)
*and at times I cook a few meals which end up living in tupperware happily until consumed (within 2-3 days).

As a last note, I forgot to snap a photo of our freezer, but here's a rundown:

Freezer goods:
bananas, peeled and placed in large ziploc bags for nightly chocolate banana smoothies
salmon, for hubby
homemade veggie stock
homemade bean burger patties
Ezekiel burger buns

The end!


  1. What a fantastic post!!! I LOVE Seeing what people buy at the grocery store and I'm looking for tips on NOT going to the grocery store every day or two haha. This is awesome! You guys are so organized!

  2. You just made my day! I'm so excited. You inspire me!!