January 13, 2013

4 Months

He talks. He poops in the toilet. He sings. He sleeps. He smiles. He is wearing 9-12 month old clothing. None of his socks fit him, besides the 24 month old fellas. He is losing some of his hair. He has chubby thighs. He pulls our hair. He sits and stands with help. He smacks books. He isn't a fan of bottles. He loves his reflection in the mirror. He giggles at his toys more than he giggles at humans. He pees out of his Bum Genius diapers at night unless I stuff 3 thick microfiber inserts in 'em. He sleeps in a SwaddleMe. He sleeps in his own room. He's four months old, and we love it!

hand eating: it continues, and it's going on strong. He will grab my hair while eating and bring it to his mouth (mind you, while he's already eating). He will grab your fingers and put them in his mouth. He will grab toys, your straw as you slurp your smoothie, his burp rag... it all goes into his mouth and all I can say is: hooray for not being in daycare! Everything into baby's mouth + a million other babies + bacteria you cannot avoid = numerous trips to the pediatrician, with a diagnosis or 6 of ear infections and strep throat. Oh, germs, you nasty!

His stats: at his four month well child check up he weighed in at 19.10lbs, 27 inches long, (both 98% for babes his age) and 56% in head circumference! Hooray for giant babies! His doctor says she imagines him thinning out a bit once he hits 6 months, which could continue until 9 months, so we shouldn't fret if he turns into a skinny bubba out of no-where. I wuv our chunk muffin and will definitely miss his rolls! Make them stay?

Mobile Baby? So, as of right now he is happy to sit with you holding his hands as he faces you, as well as sit pretty sturdy-like in your lap, on your leg, even in his bebePOD chair. He also really enjoys going from sitting to standing, his knees wobble a little but he smiles and giggles as we go from lying down, to sitting, to "up! Biiig boyyy!" and back down again. Really he'll go on for a long while before he's bored, I'm usually keen to stop before he even asks to because I'm ready to do something different! He isn't rolling over yet, but does enjoy tummy time a lot more than he did when he was an infant. On his back, he likes to roll to his side but not for very long unless there is a lot of excitement to see on his side (light up toys, hanging toys, his papa's face). I'm going to try n' practice a bit of stretches and strength training while his hips, legs, and tummy muscles to encourage fun mobility. I'm know I'm crazy for wanting to speed things up, don't get me wrong I'm thankful for his not-yet-crawling self at this time, but there ain't nothing wrong with strengthening them muscles!

On infant potty training: also known as, Elimination Communication. I read a little about it online and was a little intimidated. Here is Andrea's way of putting it:

"The first thing you should know:
Half the babies around the world are potty trained by 12 months (Pediatrics Magazine), yet in the United States, the average age is currently 3 years old (webMD).
The second thing you should know:
Finishing with diapers does not have to take 3 years. Elimination Communication, aka Infant Potty Training or Diaper Free Babies, is the natural alternative to diaper dependence and the dreaded toddler toilet training. You can stop changing diapers today, at any age.
And…the third thing you should know:
Elimination Communication should not be difficult to begin. Learning should be clear, fun, and smooth, with an ease about the practice within a few weeks. You can expect a certain amount of day or night dryness by 6-20 months (depending on when and how you begin).
You can do EC as little or often as you like. It fits every lifestyle. And it doesn’t have to be hard (if you know precisely where and how to begin)."

I bought her online book, EC Simplified, and love how she guides us parents! She really explains it in an easy-going, stress-free way, making me feel like there is no pressure in getting Santi to stay diaper-free or clean-diaper boy before he is 7 months old. We're going at it very slowly, too. All I am doing now is sitting him on the potty (I sit behind him and hold his legs so he feels supported) and say "poopy" while grunting a little, until he poops. We do this after each nap and/or feeding, especially first thing in the morning once he has a bit of time to wake up. He has pooped many times and peed in the toilet, it's amazing! Of course, he still poops in his diaper but when he does this, instead of going nuts and ripping off his pants n' diaper and running to the toilet, I simply tell him "poopy ughh" for the sake of sound association. I'll do a full post on it some day, when he is more consistent and we're seeing progress! For now, we're having fun with it - and it's so cute seeing his poopy face as he goes on the big-boy potty!

On sleep: his sleep patterns aren't as consistent as I mentioned back in the "sleep progression" post. As long as he has 2-3 naps during the day, lasting anywhere from 1 hour to 2, he will sleep pretty well. Pretty well for him means: sleep at 8:30pm, fuss and need more soothing to sleep at 9:15pm, wake around 3:00am to eat, wake for the day around 8:30am. Santi is an uber happy baby when this is the case for him with naps and nighttime rest! It just depends on us pushing those daytime naps, and not accepting a 30 minute cat nap in the middle of the day from this guy! 1.5 hours minimum or you're going back to bed, cutie. We use white noise for the naps and nighttime sleep, it's a gem. Also, at 3 months old we moved him to his own crib in his room and he's been there since! His daytime naps take place in the living room in his swing, but all night sleeping goes down in his room like a big boy! I love it, it was a very smooth transition. I recommend the whole Pack N' Play in parents' room from birth on, then switching to nursery when you're feeling up to it. We put the same furniture "raisers" we had on two of the Pack N' Play legs under 2 of the crib legs so he's on a mini-incline, which we think made the switch to crib easier, too!

Drool: Oh me oh my. He has been drooling like madness for over a month now. We were able to feel one of his teeth coming in back around Christmas time, but no signs of it greeting us, yet. It's definitely on it's way, though - the proof is in the buckets of drool, the constant chewing, and the random fussy periods. Breaking out the bibs has commenced, and light rashes on his chin from the constant wetness is a given. Hooray teeth! Can I feed him a sandwich, now?

Other than those topics? Hmmm... we haven't started solid food yet - although the pediatricians say that you can start rice cereal as early as four months old. I offered him a carrot but he was all, "yeah, no..." and just used it as a teething toy. Choking hazard? Yesh. We're thinking of waiting until Santi shows us he needs more food besides breast milk, or once he reaches the six month mark, whichever comes first! and, well, he's growing pretty well - praise God! - so we're not currently worried about him getting enough to eat. My oh myyyy, how do babies grow so rapidly without us even realizing it? I don't even remember holding an 8lb baby back in September. All I know is Santiago's chubby, sturdy, pretty mucha toddler body! Comparison photos bring it all into perspective. Blows my mind to bits and pieces, I tell you. 

Happy four months, love bug. We think you're pretty spectacular!

The LORD is like a father to his children, tender and compassionate to those who fear him. Psalm 103:13

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