January 21, 2013

Baby Wearing: Moby Kangaroo

We love baby wearing! Can someone give us some pointers on preventing back pain, while taking part in the joys of baby wearing? That, and the art of walking baby boy to sleep - up and down a flight of stairs, while he is wrapped in a SwaddleMe, and our lower back aches, so we tighten our abdominal core, make sure we have good posture, yet still feel discomfort? Oh, yoga, I guess we all need to hang out with you for longer than 10 minutes a day. Maybe you're trying to tell us something. Maybe we need to look into hour long lower back repairing yoga videos. Maybe we need pilates. Maybe we should teach our baby how to lie his head on a pillow, close his sweet eyes, and fall into a deep sleep for the following nine hours. Maybe, just maybe. Or we could continue to carry baby and hope we don't permanently damage any muscles!

I find this new (okay, only new to me - since I know the other billion moms in the world already have this mastered) way of carrying Santi makes him super happy, and I love "holding" him while I cook, do a load of laundry, and go for walks (ha ha - yeah, right, 'cause this mama with a weak pelvic floor gonna go and walk with a 20 lb baby attached to her, no ma'am. I'm sticking to the stroller, thank you! - but by walk I really mean walk around the house while eating a banana). He loves himself a friendly human holding him while playing or making smoothies, but losing the availability to function with both arms isn't easy, so this wrap saved me! Woohoo wrapping. I am now switching between this guy and the Bjorn carrier, also friendly for working-around-the-house-gotta-get-stuff-done moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, uncles and aunts and the like.

For any mommies that are curious, I learned how to Moby Wrap kangaroo style from Emily over at Daily Garnish - a Seattle mom who has an adorable, curly-haired toddler and lots of awesome mommy posts! Here is her instructional video (and super super helpful indeed!) on the kangaroo. Happy baby wearing and back strengthening!


  1. Love the Moby pictures...I still wear Tyler that way de vez en cuando! Just last week he was really fussy due to a cold, and I put him on that way and he fell asleep and we had a nice snuggly time together all afternoon, such a rare treat these toddler days! I find that the back pain for me was less when I made sure the fabric of the Moby was smoothed out (not bunched) on the parts on my shoulders/back....it helps spread the weight out rather than concentrating the weight to just one little roll of fabric. I try to get the fabric over my shoulders and down across my back almost flat (obviously you have the Moby fabric folded in half to begin with). This really helps. And also getting all the slack out, and having enough "tail" left over so I could wrap that around my waist two full times then tie in front, helped too. (like your friend does in her video). Getting the snuggest, tightest, smoothest wrap definitely helped my back, and I still, even with preggo belly can carry Tyler that way and he is definitely a nice 26.5 lbs....although we use the stroller mostly now. Happy baby wearing..enjoy the snuggly, likes to be carried/next to you stage while it lasts!

  2. Not to be too opinionated, as I know thats a big annoyance of being a new mommy, but the reason Moby doesn't have this in their booklet of ways to wear the baby is that the best way to wear a baby is in the seated position (like we sit) so that they are well supported and not resting on their growing and developing pelvis. Which is a bummer since babies love looking forward. As far as back pain goes. I have found my Ergo to be helpful with this, once baby is big enough to be worn in it without the insert. And eventually they can be worn on your back looking forward. I hope this didnt seem judgy or preachy. Its just something I discovered when hunting for Moby positions that were forward facing. Either way you will do what you feel is best for your baby and you!