January 4, 2013

Our Laughing Baby

A relaxing day of marveling at the baby cuteness God has blessed us with, of lentil burgers and sweet potato fries, of peace.

This video was already posted on Mr.Facebook for family and friends to see, but I couldn't help myself - it just has to be shared with the entire universe (at least, those in the universe with internet access). I love this bundle of stomach-giggles!


  1. What lentil burger recipe did you use? Did you put them on buns or are those mushrooms? Looks awesome, I might try it this week! Keep up the cuteness, Santiago!! -Bethany

    1. I used the recipe on my blog, with some modifications. I really just threw equal parts black rice -cooked- and pinto beans in a food processor with chili powder, garlic and onion powder, and once it was all nicely incorporated I mixed in some quinoa flour until it was the consistency of your common raw hamburger. We use Ezekiel buns, but I cut one in half long ways so I eat half a bun with cabbage or romaine as the top "lid" :)

  2. Santi is sooooo cute!!! I love how much he's laughing, even with sounds!!!! :D