January 22, 2013

(Part of) a Day in the Life: 4 Months Old

A sneak peak into part of our daily routine when I am home with our love bug! I am now working twice a week, while my mom and hubby alternate days of being  on duty as stay-at-home-papa and amazing-grandma. We feel extremely blessed, beyond what we deserve, and filled by God's grace as He heard our prayers while maternity leave was coming to a close. I love being a part time working mama and most-of-the-time at home mama, and papa Carrillo has his special father + son day once a week! Grandma P. and grandpa G. have a day with the nugget, all the while I pump away at work (must. keep up. milk supply. must. pump. every. 10. minutes. must. must.... okay, I pump 3x/day, but still. MUST!) which I had initially thought was the worse verb known to man: to pump. er. breast pump.

breast pump n(device for expressing breast milk)sacaleche nm
I extract milk with a breast pump so the nanny can feed the baby while I'm at work.
Es importante usar el sacaleche correcto.

But now I'm sold! Being able to produce milk in general is a gift from God, entirely. So the art of expressing milk at work so our little one can drink the goods the following day - beautiful. Hooray for pumping! Let's all unite in a room and eat lunch while being connected to the milk (stealing?) robots! Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh. Yeah, the noise the electronic pumps make is pretty odd, must say. Can't it play music or something? Inventors, work on that, would ya?

Without further adieu: some of our day in the life fun times!

Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord. Ephesians 6:4


  1. Enjoyed your video as always! Santi is so precious. What a gift indeed. And you girl--you have mad knife skills! Thanks for this tiny peek into your day.

  2. What a funny sign you put up there for the pumping session! And love the video! So funny!!! ;)

    Nicole, I want to ask you about something. Which books are you favorites for Santi? or his favorites?

  3. are you going with the baby lead weaning root? It's funny that Santi tracks carrots with his eyes. :)