February 4, 2013

Family Lovin'

My God is good, Creator of this world, Creator of all living things. He blessed you with each relationship you have. He is powerful, He is perfect, He is kind. Every time I kiss this bubba's squishy cheeks I am reminded of God's love for us. We are filled to the brim with His blessings, even those sleepless nights (last night) - I am thankful for because I rely on Him and Him alone for strength. I can survive any night with Christ living in me and reminding me of my Holy Father's constant presence!

Family is all, all, all we need.

Do you like how excited he is about sitting with his papa for lunchtime? His expressions make me so happy inside! Papa Carrillo dined on stir fry (egg, quinoa, Liquid aminos, serrano chili, bell pepper and green cabbage all sauteed for human consumption), kale salad (waldorf dressing), pinto beans, sprouted corn tortillas, and half an avocado. Marathon training means up the food intake, and make it wholesome, friends!

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