February 15, 2013

Santiago James: 5 Months!

And then this happened!

Santi boy, who gave you permission to turn five months old? Should we start applying to colleges now, too? Should we start planning your baby brother or baby sister's arrival now? Do you want my car keys? Okay, fine, you can grow up. As long as you still fit on the Mexican blanket, I'm thankful.

Really, though. I know I'm going to have 8,000 of these quite soon... and I'm referring to monthly photos of Santiago, not the numbers of babies we are going to have! Or, am I?

So let's take a look at how he is growing, milestone-ing, and developing.

  • Chewing on everything fiercely 
  • Still enjoys airplane, even though he is quite heavy for it
  • Discovered his bottom lip *suck, suck suck*
  • Discovered his toes *grab, grab, pull
  • Discovered textures: scratches wall & scratches rocking chair while nursing (he has been a professional at scratching and grabbing human flesh for a while now. Yes, that broke-the-skin scrape on my neck is from my five-month-old, thank you for your concern.)

  • Talking constantly, if you include screaming, shouting and yelling while being happy
  • So distracted while nursing- looks all around at the world that he lives in, reaching for anything nearby (including my face, glasses, and smoothie that I might be attempting to chug while he eats)
  • Swaddle: weaning, half swaddle with arms free *don't know if this is really "weaning" or simply getting rid of it completely in a way. We really only use it to keep him warm at night, and I think it comforts us as the put-to-sleep-squad more than it really helps him nap. I mean, there is a little snug wrap around his chest, but other than that he is pretty free, as if he weren't swaddled at all. Hmph.

  • White noise: weaning, sleep sheep for 45 mins, hymns playing in the background continuously
  • Reaching and grabbing toys, but they still fall from his grip often
  • Laughing with belly/neck tickling
  • Bedtime begins: 7:45 to 8:00pm
  • Asleep for the night: before 9pm, usually
  • Awake for the day: anywhere from 7:30-8:30am
  • Wakes 1-3 times a night to eat
  • Naps 3 times/day for 30-90mins (20 minute naps are discouraged, but we understand their possible happenings and let them be so.)

  • Stands well with help, thinks standing is the greatest idea ever.
  • Elimination Communication: every diaper change (after naps mostly), goes #1 and #2 often. Sometimes we time it wrong and the floor gets dirty!
  • Stopped freezable chewing toys because of the cheek rash that followed
  • Sits in bebePod happily while we dine
  • Enjoys extended tummy time
  • Introduced to exersauser, loves it for around 10 minutes then wants freedom!

  • Goes to sleep with stair walking, dark corner hushing or nursing
  • Naps usually were in swing or on couch (danger?), made the transition to crib napping only for the sake of routine, and maybe better nighttime sleep since all sleeping takes place in the same room?
  • Sleeps in crib in his room, since 3 months old
  • Rolls to the side, but rarely
  • Wears 9-12 months clothes
  • Lathered in coconut oil for eczema, cured his skin like a magical wonder
  • Coconut oil for diaper rashes
  • Bum Genius one-size diapers (3.0?) on middle size
  • Loves the company of his mama and papa (or so he seems to)

  • Enjoys daily walks around the neighborhood while scowling at nature (he likes it, he really likes it) 
  • Doesn't mind out-of-no-where photoshoots with mom & a camera phone
  • His hair is starting to thicken up on the top, causing poofy feather hair to become big-boy, partially-tamed hair

He is a gift from God, and we are amazed at how our Creator formed this little guy and placed him in our care. To God be the glory for His incredible workmanship! 


  1. Happy Happy Five Months, Santiago James! (you cutie, you!)

  2. What a cutie! Great tips about using coconut oil :)

  3. happy 5 months!!! :D He's so big and cute! :)