February 5, 2013

Superbowl Recap!

Ever since we moved into our apartment back in 2008, we found ourselves with a fancy television and a home that God calls us to share with the world. 1 Peter 4:9, "Show hospitality to one another without grumbling." So grumble, we did not, and invite everyone over for Super Bowl Sunday for the past 4 years, we did and do.

Looking back, we have made lentil burgers with sweet potato fries, kale chips, refried bean dip, pizzas for all, and mainly large meals. I find this a lot, lot more work that what we went for this time around:

Hors d'oeuvre literally "apart from the [main] work" or the first course, are food items served before the main courses of a meal.

Thanks, Wikipedia, you're a gem. I simply surfed the internet for all things appetizer friendly, found a few favorites, asked my sister to find a couple she fancied, told family to bring their own drinks, and asked my mom to bring some fruit. It was perfecto, friends! The only issue is that with appetizers all over the table, and no plates (really, I have yet to get on board with the "have disposable utensils and plates for family gatherings" idea), is that we eat non-stop and have no idea how much food is actually put into our bellies.

tofu quiches ~ Fat Free Vegan Kitchen
spiced rice and lentils ~ Fat Free Vegan Kitchen
cheezy dip ~ Oh She Glows *made by my sister
apple nachos ~ Oh She Glows *made by my sister
cheezy cashew kale chips ~  Dehydrator Review
fruit bowl
blue tortilla chips
romaine boats

Ah, details! I figure, the majority of the food was vegetable and fruit heavy, light on the everything else, so stuffing of thy face wasn't frowned upon, or dangerous. I ate all evening and felt great! Recipes all thanks to the internet, Google searches, my favorite blogs, and to the God who provides and planted everything we eat! It was a great day.

Family had fun with Santi, we had fun with family who had fun with Santi, and even a handful of us watched the game! For the first time in years, I didn't watch more than 2 seconds of the game or the commercials which is silly since that's the only reason most of us tune in anyhow! I did notice some awkward commercials making the viewers uncomfortable, though. So maybe it was for the best than I was too busy eating all afternoon to see anything! Santi stared mainly at family, but sometimes watched the big game. He likes giant screens that have bright lights.

We decided to not partake in the viewing of the half time show since we weren't in the mood to see a barely-dressed woman belt out some tunes, so I changed the channel to the nearest source of entertainment. We giggled when a church service showed up on the screen, with hymns, subtitles and all! My papa starting singing along, then we changed it and watched infomercials. I've never written the word, "infomercials" before. I feel like it isn't a real word. I feel like it shouldn't be a real noun, either.

Santi took one 20-30 minute nap, had a few feeding sessions, and a million trillion hugs.

And it was beautiful.
Praise GOD for times with family like this one, it was perfect!

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