March 1, 2013

Garbanzo Lettuce Wraps

I remember reading a post on Caitlin's blog a few months back, where she had mentioned eating many meals on the floor with her peanut. I couldn't really relate at the time, since I mainly took part in meals with Santiago nursing, or sleeping, or, well, I actually have very little memory of those times! That's pretty bogus, if you ask me, how quickly we forget about those first few months. I know eventually, as God gives us life, I will be referring to "those first few months" as "those first few years" - bah, humbug! As complex as our brains are, I often wonder what we have done to them to cause such poor memorization skills. toomuchgoingoninthislife, I s'pose!

So here is my first meal (of many) on the floor. I can now relate to all the momma's who dine in in their living rooms while their babe's have tummy time, back time, crawling time, or bouncing time. Edu and I now take part in dessert smoothies with Santi on the floor, or on the couch, or in our bedroom, as well. Santi loves it, attention is fun when it is directed to me more than their eating utensils, he believes. And we both love how he watches us eat - soon, little one, soon. Avocado will be placed in front of you shortly, that's our plan.

This particular meal, was a creative way of eating up the: sprouted garbanzos, raw marinara sauce, and homemade tahini. The raw marinara sauce is courtesy of kale crush, but the garlic was so powerful after it sat in the fridge for a day or two, so I made it -not raw- by boiling the business out of it and making it a thicker, garlic-cooked-down, sauce. I did eat it cold, with green bell pepper and the garbanzos. The tahini, made up of raw sesame seeds, lemon juice, water and fresh parsley, is based off of this recipe from purely twins' website. Also with garbanzos whirled around (leftover idea from the spinach and kale soup with tahini dressed garbanzos). Spoonful after spoonful met the romaine leaves, and into my belly they went. I was left with two empty glass bowls, and a pig-shaped cutting board, lettuce-free. It was delicious, and filling. So fab!

This is how you get through a work day joyfully when you're not sure what the day has in store, and you know you aren't strong without your Savior holding you up. Note: these are the "nurse call" pads we use to jot down patient's messages, enjoy the symptoms list! Truly, though, this helped me so much last Saturday and this past Monday. I kept taking a peek at it, remembering that I don't have to be a shy, slightly passive, insecure employee or receptionist. I am bold in Christ and no one's opinion of me matters, He is my King and judge, and all I do, say, and think should be guided to please Him and not the rest of the world.

I also need to remember constantly that, although I have a boss and my boss has a boss or bosses, and they are forseeing all the work I do, I am ultimately working for the Lord and not for man. He is my boss, He wants to see me working with a glad heart, diligently, efficiently, all for His glory. His Spirit lives in me and I am filled to the brim with His presence. So much comfort at an 8-5 job. I hope it brings you comfort, as well! Write a bible verse down, on your hand, on a note pad, on your computer, and reference it all day/week. It will definitely help you through the day, no matter what hits you.

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