March 17, 2013

Tahini Coleslaw

A small rabbit once told me that cabbage is awesome. He also told me that it's even more awesome when it is consumed raw. I believed him. I found a recipe, and I ran with it. A weekly staple in the Carrillo household that is approved by hubby and loved by meself! I never liked raw cabbage before, especially the purple stuff. That business is serious business when it comes to strong flavors, and the only time I have been keen on it raw is when I ordered the oh my sombrero! dish at Thrive restaurant in Seattle. Cover a cabbage leaf with "A nutty, savory patty made of mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, walnuts and spices." and some Onion Cashew Cream, and anyone is going to demolish it without even realizing it's an. entire. cabbage. leaf. raw. crunchy. strong. and mighty.

If only that restaurant didn't eat half of my paycheck.... we would be there weekly by golly (half an entree, one appetizer and an 8oz juice came to over $40- ay ayyy!!)

The recipe & the dressing are on this.... post.... I just wrote this same month oh my goodness I am losing my mind is this what they mean when they say "mommy brain"? Pretend this is the first time you have ever seen any of this. bahahah oh my. Moving on quickly!

And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them. (Luke 6:31 ESV)

We are called to forgive, as we wish others would forgive us. We are led to forget another's dark past, as we hope our dark past is forgotten. We are not told to remember our friend's mistakes, just as we wouldn't want anyone remembering our many mistakes. We are guided to love and be compassionate, much like how we desire to be loved and be embraced by a friend's compassion. We exist to serve others when they need it, as we would love for others to serve us when we're in need.

I hope to be forgiven, to be loved, to be guided. I hope to be cut some slack, to have some room for error, for you to remember I am an imperfect human being that will fail from time to time. Be kind to me, please.

In turn, I need to forgive, I will love, I ought to guide. I need to cut you some slack, to allow you room for error. I will remember that you are an imperfect human being that will fail from time to time. I need to be kind.

Treat your neighbor as you would like to be treated.

Forgive your friend as you hope they would forgive you.

Be compassionate for the sick, as you would hope someone would have compassion on you.

Allow your co-worker to make a mistake, and don't expect them to never mess up, just as you hope you would be allowed to make a mistake or two, and no one would expect you to never mess up.

Try it. Do it. Pray at all times, God will help you every time you call.

cute cheeks, we love you.

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