April 3, 2013

5-6 Months Post Partum

Blogging about my body after giving birth is strange, but here goes! I know it'll be helpful to look back at someday and remember all the changes.

5 months: Oh, breastfeeding... I have been practicing  labor breathing techniques during painful letdown - it hurts that much! Just on one side, for the past few weeks or so. I feel like I'm constantly in a birthing class being told by the voice in my head to, "Relax, breath deep, it'll soon pass..."
6 months: ....it is gone, thankfully. It went away on its own with a whole lot of nursing and toe curling!

Hair Loss
5 monthsMake my hair stop falling out in scary amounts, please? When? No one ever told me about postpartum hair loss. Guess it's from the luscious locks we grow during the prenatal vitamin taking days while baby is in utero! Goodbye, thick head if shiny hair.
6 months.....I read about this! So when we ladies are pregnant n' all them hormones go crazy and we grow lots of amazingly thick hair. Once we give birth we have a beautiful baby in our arms and the hormones in our body do a complete turn around and our hair falls to the ground. Hooray! I mean, sorry to anyone who steps in it with bare feet. My spouse?

Pelvic Floor
5 monthsPelvic floor exercises: daily. Must...strengthen... in order to run again, and before having baby #2 (God willing!) - had a pessary fitting with the midwife, it is being ordered and I will be sporting the -awkward- device once it arrives. Le sigh, here's to a strong(er) floor someday soon.
6 months....received my pessary! Was pretty bitter about it at first since it was hard to insert and take out, but I pretended it was like breastfeeding - it will be SO easy one day, you'll forget how insanely difficult and uncomfortable it was, really! - and, well whadya know, I have been with it for over two weeks now and it is an almost effortless task to deal with day and night. By golly, I'm so glad. Only struggle now is that I really want to run and lift weights or do squats with our 21 pound baby in my arms, but I don't think I should. I have an appt this next week with my physical therapist. We'll see what she says.

5 monthsTara Stiles yoga via YouTube. Less than ten minutes, each morning I have a chance to, sometimes with Santi lying down next to me. Feels so, so good. My muscles are activated, I'm feeling stronger, and there is peaceful breathing and glorious stretching - all in one 8 minute video. Do it!
6 months.....still doing this daily! I have memorized a few of her videos so when I don't have the ability to watch a video, or I need a stretch tailored to how much my lower back and neck hurt from incorrectly holding a baby, I am able to customize and do what ever my muscles ask for. I always end up finishing in such a refreshed, relaxed state. Taking the morning slow is a plus, too.

Strength Training
5 monthsPlank with Lori and Michelle frompurelytwins.com. Again, less than 10 minutes, easy to add to any part of the day, even with a 5 month old babe that craves attention. Sometimes I find myself planking right over him!
6 months.....doing this only if I have my pelvic floor exercises AND yoga done. Strength training isn't top priority, even though it feels fantastic. I haven't done workouts with Santi playing next to me in a while. I've been cooking so often while he is awake, and working while he is asleep, so I try and give him 100% my attention during one-on-one playtime with his mama.

Stretchy stretch!
5 monthsStretch marks still hanging out, might me a little lighter in color. Don't bother me at all - just remind me of carrying our blessing in my tummy for so many months! Wondering if the same ones stay put for a second pregnancy, if new ones greet me or if these guys evaporate into the air by that time. Oh, God's mysterious, complex, intricate creation - I stand in awe!
6 months....I forgot about those! Yes, still there, but not noticeable at all.

5 monthsBeastly muscular thighs. I blame, emmm... give credit to... how well walking up and down the stairs while humming puts our peanut to sleep. Thunder thighs, thank the stair cases in our home. Burns and aches so good. I break a sweat, I complain the next day of muscular fatigue, and my pelvic floor hates me for it. Hey, if it puts the babe to sleep, we'll take it.
6 months....well the pelvic floor isn't bothered by this anymore since I have a pessary, woohoo! I still feel like I got me a pair of muscular legs, though.

Baby #2
5 months Want to give birth again. Excited for more babies. God's will be done!
6 months....most definitely. Where is baby number 2? 3? 4? The twins? 

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