April 12, 2013

Date Night: Sushi

We are going to try and head out for an early-evening date night every other month. This will strengthen our marriage, remind us of our fun dating days, and help us stay sane. Mio Sushi in Seattle was the hot spot this date night, and goodness me it was a delicious meal. A little salty, a little too much tofu, but worth every bite to be with my hubs and spend special time together.

I am so blessed to be married to this man. He is truly God-sent and I cannot imagine why God chose Him to be my husband. Eduardo's love for his Savior, his family and his passion for running and living the life the Lord gives him to the fullest is truly inspiring. I only pray that we can raise Santiago together in a way that glorifies our King, and that Santi would, if it be God's will, grow to be the man that my husband has become over these years.

I enjoy every that-wasn't-awesome sushi experience with this gentleman and I can't wait to take part in what our Lord has in store for us! To HIM be the glory for the gifts He grants us, the people He places in our life with a purpose and the joys that come with the morning! Thank You, Father, for Your loving-kindness poured out onto us!

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