April 9, 2013

Hubby: Mercer Island Half Marathon

Remember that one time Eduardo ran a personal best at the Mercer Island half marathon? Remember when he did it by the grace of God, through hard training and much discipline? Remember when he slashed almost a full minute off his prior personal best? Remember when Santi wasn't sleeping or eating when his papi crossed the finish line? (personal best for Santi! Way to go!)


Remember when my parents met us there even though it was in the mid-thirties and they were going to have to rise out of bed early and maybe have to drive a little over the speed limit once the race was done in order to make it to church on time? 

Remember when our incredible King placed them in our lives because He is a God full of love? Remember how He shows us this love by revealing the giving, self-sacrificing, encouraging, kind, humble hearts of those around us even though we live in a world that does the exact opposite? (it takes, it's selfish, discouraging, rude, proud.)

We remember.
We remember all of those things.

To God be the glory for race mornings that go better than expected, and even those that go a lot worse than we had hoped. Here's to the Eugene Marathon next month, it is in God's hands! Go, Eduardo, go!

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