April 13, 2013

Santiago James: 7 Months!

"I'm seven months old, I'm seveeeennn monnthhhsss oooooldddddddddd" "Tengo siete meses, tengooooo sieteeeee messseeeeeessss!!!" Song written and recorded by Santiago James Carrillo.

He's a singer! He's a clapper! He's a reader, a writer, an eater, a dancer. Well, sort of.

He likes to sing, this is truth. He just recently (within the past day or two) started to throw out some "L" sounds when he talks. That's right, "la laaaaa" has escaped our baby's mouth in delightful harmony. Could it be from all the singing I belt out on a daily basis? Maybe it's caused by the fact that Pandora Radio is constantly playing music in the background of our home? Of this we are not sure, all we know is that I sing to entertain and distract this guy, and he seems to be catching on.

He eats so, so much food. You know when you read into giving babies solids, and they mention something along the lines of "food = fun" until 1 year of age? Well, I think this is a bunch of looney business. Santiago is acting like solid food, adult food, big-boy food, anything-that's-not-breast-milk-even-though-that's-still-his-favorite is necessary for consumption or he will surely not feel joy in his heart. Serious. I will cut into an apple before bedtime, and he will quack and coo and boo and raawwwrrr until I give him some. Of course, I'm not keen on seeing if he can handle a piece of raw apple, so I give him a piece of banana instead. But if I deny him of his right to munch while I am munching, oh boy will he tell me how against that decision he is! So, to fill his need of his, we constantly feed him. teehee.

He has tasted and has approved of:
steamed broccoli
steamed carrots
cooked zucchini
baked acorn squash
sweet potato fries
romaine lettuce
cooked apple
mandarin orange
smoothies that have 20 ingredients

He has experienced diaper rash once, after a piece of orange, but other than that it is as if he has eaten solids from the day he greeted this world. No allergies thus far, thank You Lord!  

He nap and sleeps trains! I think I might make this a post in its own - you know, in 3 years when we finally get the hang of it and there is some consistency in his sleep patterns. For now I will say we are doing a very modified version of Cry It Out (CIO) where we have a naptime and nighttime routine, lie him in his crib awake but sleepy, leave the room and re-enter (after 1 minute) if he is crying like madness. We then soothe, without picking him up, for 60 seconds, then leave the room again. Continue as needed. Pick up only when he is going absolutely may-day and needs an embrace - but you call the shots. Is he really crying? If you pick him up will he only have false hope that you will not put him back down again? What type of crying is he belting out right now? "I need you" "This is a dumb idea" "Sleeping is for babies" "I am so tired" "I want to eat" "I have a poopy/wet diaper" "I want a banana" "I think playing with my feet is a better idea than this one" etc. We are exactly one week into it, seeing progress but still making a few changes here and there. I'm not reading any books, or going off of any specific training found on the internet. We're just doin' what works for us and I recommend everyone int the entire world do that, too. End.

He has a high chair! He was initially using the BebePod, which I recommend 100% for all parents since it really encouraged him to learn how to sit up by himself. We had it on the floor for play time for the first few weeks (don't ask me how old he was when we first strapped him in, I has no memory...) and then we attached it to a dining room chair. He sat with us for a bit, but wasn't interested in our food until around 5 months, so we just placed toys in front of him. Then he put every single toy in his mouth, then he watched us eat very intensively, then then then we fed him our food.

It is very practical for a transition-to-high-chair type of apparatus, but once them thighs reach a certain thickness, your child will no longer fit in this chair! On comes his first high chair. We purchased ANTILOP for like $3 from Ikea, so don't spend $50 on any other fancy chair 'cause it just don't matter. We love it because it is super easy to clean up (no weird dips or spots where food can hide) and it has a fancy-pants modern design that fits our styleeee. Also, it could have cost $3, but it really was $20. So affordable and so jolly. He likes it, we like it, hooray!

He likes to stand a lot a lot. His favorite "I'm playing" position used to be sitting up. If he was in our arms and fussy, he would prefer to sit down on his own. If he was standing in his Exersaucer and not lovin' it, he would smile once you took him out and sat him on the carpet. If he was playing cowboy on your knee and bouncing up and down and fussed, you would have yourself a calm babe once you sat him down. He. wanted. to. sit. it. was. so. awesome. his. mind. was. fascinated. And thennnnnn.... I believe my mom was the first one to do it, she stood him up on the couch and let him lean with his hands on the edge (where your back leans against - I'm bad at explaining couches...) and wiggle. He grinned and goofed and was full of glee! Now, I stand him up on the carpet and put his hands on the wall, the couch, outside on the deck he grabs the bars that prevent him from falling 20 feet to the ground, etc. Even at church if he is fussy sitting on our laps, he will last a full 4 minutes more without fuss if we stand him up on our lap and let him hold our hands. When he is done going potty on his Baby Bjorn Potty, he laughs and smiles at me once I say "listo?" or "all done?" because he knows I am going to help him stand up. Cutie Patoo.

Tummy time is his least favorite, but you wouldn't know that for the first 50 seconds of him in tummy-mode! We (try to) lie him on his belly (somewhat) often to encourage rolling over but I think he has caught on to our schemes and has decided that crying and rubbing his face on the carpet is a better idea. Also, he knows this is a sure-fire way to get us to roll him onto his back in "safe pilot" mode, thus not forcing him to roll from tummy to back ever again. Oh, Santi pants. I s'pose your parents, your grandparents, your friends and family just have to enjoy this not-so-mobile stage of your life and be thankful we don't have to buy baby gates yet.

He likes the great outdoors! Actually, whenever we put him in his stroller and go for a walk he tends to put on Mr. Grumpy-Face and glare at everything that passes by. Yet, when we are in the comfort of our own home, and not strapped into some weird seat on wheels, he contemplates life in a very profound, wise way. He does this by staring out the window, beyond the houses, beyond the street lights, beyond the trees even. This boy is staring into the clouds, I tell you. He sees beautiful things that we never take the time to enjoy. And he is fascinated.

That, or he likes to stare at the table on our neighbor's back deck.

It's a blessing to have him in our life. Every day I am amazed at the little being God formed with His own hands, the same hands that formed this world in 6 days, the same hands that can move mountains, wipe tears away, guide the lost. Our prayer as parents is to guide little Santi boy in the way our incredible Lord asks, to love on him unconditionally like Christ loves each and every one of us, and to teach Him about the gift of eternal life. It's a little too early to sit him down and hope that he'll understand the gospel, but we trust that he'll pick up on the little things as he grows (praying before mealtime, meditating on God's word together, singing praises all day long - well, that's mainly me, I won't force him to be a gospel singer if the boy can't belt a tune with joy!). Baby steps, my friends. Cute, squishy, soft, ticklish baby steps.

We love you Santi! 
um... When can we meet your sibling(s)?

Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth.
Worship the Lord with gladness; 
come before Him with joyful songs. 
Know that the Lord is God.
    It is He who made us, and we are His;
    we are His people, the sheep of His pasture.

Enter His gates with thanksgiving
    and His courts with praise;
    give thanks to Him and praise His name. 
For the Lord is good and His love endures forever;
    His faithfulness continues through all generations.

Psalm 100.


  1. happy 7 months! I love the pic of him looking at his belly, so cute!!! :)