April 4, 2013

Veggie Pot Pie

I haven't made a pot pie in almost a year. My go-to recipe was from Healthy Exposures' blog, but the author closed it down so that link is a goner. The insides were corn, peas, carrots, tempeh cubes and flaxseed with italian seasoning and a hint of water. The crust consisted of olive oil, whole wheat flour and more italian seasoning. It was flaky on the top, and creamy like gravy in the center. I made it 20 times while I was pregnant and craving carbs and loved it to bits n' pieces.

Nowadays I don't care for oil, don't use a lot of flour, and baking anything takes too much time so I'd rather avoid it all together. Until I saw this recipe for a veggie pot pie over at Clean Green Simple. It looked so simple, so tasty, and fun. And then I made it. And tasted it. And was let down. You see, I'm a stubborn nugget, so instead of actually using amaranth flour and brown rice flour I went and ground up my own amaranth and brown rice in a blender. It looked fully ground -kinda- and seemed promising. Then I tried to go oil-free and used loads of chia gel. It was entertaining, and I needed to add a lot of water to the dough, and the "flour" was grainy. But hey!

We all experiment, no? Take a look at this babe!

Okay, so it was a kitchen fail. But at least you can check out the original recipe and make it better than I did.

We who are strong have an obligation to bear with the failings of the weak, and not to please ourselves. (Romans 15:1 ESV)

If I feel spiritually strong by God's ever-present Spirit, I have a responsibility: to reach out a helping hand to the weak. The strength God provides me with is not in me so that I may go on living my life for myself, boasting in how confident I feel, not moving an inch because I simply don't need to. He provides me with strength so that I may help others.

I need to take up this responsibility and commit to it, accepting it as another way to be more like Christ, and less like this world tries to mold me to be.

Bear with the failings of the weak. Lend a hand to those who falter. Be patient with them who are weak.

Love the weak and strong alike, putting their needs ahead of mine. Always.

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