May 5, 2013

7.5 Months: Baby Led Weaning Update

Santiago is just shy of 8 months old, and I wanted to give a little update on how it has gone for us with the Baby Led Weaning method. For a rundown on what BLW is, see this website. We started off with avocado and banana, then steamed veggies like carrots, broccoli and zucchini. Based off a small chapter in The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (highly recommended, moms!), I had initially decided to avoid kiwi, strawberries (because of their seeds), citrus and "high allergenic" foods like wheat and the like. But I gotta say, once you start and you find yourself with a baby that loves everything you place in front of him and you feel he just isn't in the mood for that again - you break your rules a little bit.

I have given him orange segments. I have given him mandarin pieces. I have given him pineapple. I have given him kiwi. I have given him previously frozen, thawed strawberries. I have given him sprouted tofu.

He loves them all. He got a slight diaper rash from the citrus. I am trying to avoid citrus... but it's just so easy to give this fella! And... if he sees me eating an orange, I best give him something to eat or he'll most definitely go into attack mode. Am I exaggerating?

 He loves squash. We give him large pieces. We supervise him and try to encourage eating at a slow pace. This kid thinks the art of eating at a slow pace is a lame idea and he doesn't know who thought of it. The following image isn't completely realistic, we placed the dish in front of him for giggles. Normally we have a dish of food and will serve him this-will-hopefully-not-make-you-choke-if-you-grab-all-of-it-at-once-and-shove-it-in-your-mouth sized pieces of food.

We love seeing him reach for food and feed himself! Recently my hubby gave him avocado on a baby spoon instead of placing a chunk on his tray for him to squish and struggle to grab and he loved it! So nowadays I give him half of his meal on a spoon, but I bring the spoon to him and he holds it and proceeds to bring it to his mouth all on his own.

Yes, he throws the spoon on the floor at times. Yes, he smacks the spoon on the tray and makes "music". Yes, he sucks on the wrong end if we aren't paying attention. and yes, he eats from it like a big boy.

I was worried about giving him real meals with too many herbs and lots of seasoning. I'm not sure why, maybe it's because of the whole "avoid all salt for reals!" rule, and we salt our prepared foods. Yet, since we use very little salt, I have served this boy some of our favorite lentil meatballs with homemade pasta sauce and just recently he tasted one of my bean n' rice, cilantro and chili powder burger patties. Approved of them both.

This boy is wild. This boy is a blessing from the Lord and we love watching him grow!

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