May 12, 2013

Adding in More Greens

Father, I desire that they also, whom You have given Me, may be with Me where I am, to see My glory that You have given Me because you loved Me before the foundation of the world. John 17:24

This verse kind of boggles my mind. Jesus is praying for us - sinners, rebels, undeserving children. We are those who God has given to HIM - to enjoy His forgiveness, to be cleansed from our wickedness and given a pass into eternity. Jesus prays that we would be where He is. He prays that we would see HIS glory that God has given Him. That we would see how much God loves His Son, Jesus Christ, how deep a love He had even before the world was formed.

It boggles my mind, but we aren't made to understand the glory of the Lord. We are told to believe through faith all of these incredible promises, these beautiful words of scripture. Jesus loves us, bottom line. So much so that He prayed to God, His Father and Maker, for our sake. Indescribable love.

Santiago is loving on these sunny days! Well, not entirely. The brightness of the sun almost always causes him to sneeze at least three times in a row, and he can't look around much without the blazing sunshine threatening to blind him. But I'm hoping with frequent trips to the back deck, he will be sold on the idea in no time! I place a pillow behind him to prevent head-to-hard-deck impact, if he loses his balance, and books n' toys are necessary for entertainment. Also, a blanket goes down since the surface of the deck is usually piping hot. Burnt legs? No sure. Really, really happy baby in improvised hat + used-to-be-a-burp-cloth to prevent a sunburned neck? Hmm... debatable.

Onto greens... so our family's go-to salad is a mix of massaged kale, red cabbage, celery and apple, with a dressing of sunflower seeds, red wine or balsamic vinegar, mustard and raisins. Always. You will find it in our fridge, you will find it Monday through Sunday, you will find it placed in front of us at dinner time each day. Only thing is, with this frequency of consuming this specific salad comes the slight stress of "oh my goodness I need to make the salad because we ate the last of it yesterday and eating dinner without it will surely be a crying shame! So, on comes this idea: I now cut up half a head of romaine, cover the plate, and then place a small helping of the kale salad on top. It's awesome - because I am using up less of the daily kale mix, which means I prepare it less often and still get mass greens in!

Double win. Less dicing. More greens. Romaine is crispy. Joy. It's also a good tip if you love dressing on your greens, but might have trouble letting go of your love for Thousand Island, Blue Cheese or Ranch. Prepare your salad with lots of dressing (or, however much you fancy) and then place un-dressed greens on your plate, then the dressed greens on top of that. It would totally work. Your body will thank you, listen attentively as you take a bite.


  1. We tried THE salad when you posted the link for the recipe a long while back and we love it too. I make it at least every other week, as often as I have left over kale (that hasn't been used in smoothies)...even Tyler loves it. I've been making the dressing with pepitas and it is yummy that way too!

    1. For reals? That's awesome, I'm so glad your familia enjoys this salad as much as we do. It's such a simple recipe, and you can switch up the ingredients - like you did - so easily! Pepitas sounds so, so good.