May 26, 2013

Beat the Bridge: First Postpartum RACE!

So, Santi boy was invited, but decided to come down with a mild illness (rash, fever) so off I went to my first postpartum "RACEEEEE!!!" that was going to be my first stroller shin-dig, but alas... I walked with friends stroller-less and pondered life's meaning.  It was a great time! It wasn't a race, I'll admit it. We walked the four miles while the rest of the participants jogged the 5 miles.

Last year I ran it in all my round-belly glory and I remember a few things: accepting a paper-cup of water at each water station (when I never, ever have had water during a race - mind you, I only have run 5K and 8K races), grinning every step of the way because I had a baby in my tummy and I had zero cares in the world, as well as enjoying so so much the fact that my finish time meant nothing to me in terms of PR, since pregnant races are less formal than no-baby-in-tummy races.

Whew! Enjoy! Photos of my new family members are actually my friend + co-worker and her family. I was adopted and feel full of glee. We walked it together and took in all the sights, sounds and smells of the University of Washington, busy streets and greenery. At the end of the race I met up with a handful of amazing lady friends and we spent our time talking, stealing bananas and the like.

PS: Did you know that since you pay a hefty registration fee for races you are entitled to as many post-race fruits as they offer? I should have just taken the whole box. Those bananas froze perfectly. Smoothie nation in my house!

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