May 30, 2013

Being a Mommy and a Nanny

So here's a quick testimony of how God works in amazing, mysterious, perfect ways: a couple at church had a baby girl in February of this year. The mom had to return to work in May and sent out an email request to all the families in our bible study (20-30 year old couples) to see if anyone could watch their sweetie pie during the week. I read the email and immediately felt a tug on my heart (that's God) since I had been looking for a nanny job back in Winter of last year and never found one. Once I became a mommy myself, I thought the idea of watching someone else's wee-one while I watched our love-muffin (too many cute baby names?) at home would be a huge blessing. God allowed me to stay at home with Santiago during most of the week, and He allowed another mommy to return to work after having her babe, and she needed a caregiver, so... why would I do anything else? That's what the Lord placed on my heart.

I knew it would be hard. I knew my awesome routine with Santi would go from awesome to different and new and hard and challenging and not perfect for a while. I knew there would be an adjustment period. I knew there would be tears. I knew that my strength would come from Christ, He would never leave our side, and He was allowing this to happen. We prayed. We conversed with the couple. I became a nanny, by God's beautiful will.

Our schedule changed. Our everything changed. Wake times, nap times, potty times (for Santi), diaper changing times, meal times, play times, walk times. Everything has changed. And it is such a gift to watch these two babies interact with each other as the changes have become our new routine, our new normal. This is life now, and I praise our amazing Lord for every moment. A quote that fills me with hope, patience, joy and perseverance is this one:

Babies are God's way of reminding you it's only through HIM that you can accomplish ANYTHING.

If I am able to eat breakfast, it is because God gave the babies peace at the same time. If I am able to work from home on the computer, it is because God blessed the babies with naps at the same time. If we are able to go for a 5-30 minute walk, it's because God allowed them to both have full, happy, bellies, clean diapers and rested bodies at the same time. If we are able to sit and read a book, it is because God gave me the strength and joy to do so with a positive, upbeat attitude and not a drained mommy not-in-the-mood one. If my husband arrives for his lunch break and his meal is waiting for him on the table, it is so so so so so thanks to God and not to me. If baby girl's mommy arrives to pick her up and she is greeted with a 3-month-old smile from ear to ear, it is because of God. If both babies are content and no one is screaming and I am able feed them at the same time, or at different times, or put on to sleep while the other plays, or put both to sleep in the same 10-minute window... it is only through GOD that I am able to do any of that. It's a beautiful realization, and accepting it as fact makes life so much easier.

It was hard at first. I held the two babies and cried while they cried simultaneously on day 1. Day 2 and 3 my baby boy found himself with a fever, needing extra hugs and extra everything, and God blessed the baby girl with extra naps, a content spirit and easy feedings. Day 4 brought my heart from prideful (this is easy, who else needs a nanny?!) to humble (I cannot do this for another second if I don't depend on God alone). Santiago has warmed up to her and they both seem to have a twinkle in their eyes for each other. They are fascinated by the baby staring back at them, they grin and coo and my peanut reaches and I immediately say, "woaaa soft....." as he tries to rip her bib off of her and attempts to scratch her face (in love). The Lord has taught me so much in the past three weeks as a mom and nanny, and I am thankful for each moment of peace. I love growing in Him and reflecting on His teachings, it has been so much more than I could have imagined it to be. And here I thought I was just going to be a mom to an almost 9 month old and a babysitter to an almost 4 month old. Silly me...

Did I say I wanted to have another baby already right now as soon as possible oh my gosh I am baby crazy when can we meet Santiago's baby sister or brother? Well, let's just say God seems to have placed this nannying business in our lives for a reason. It's time to wait, friends. I can't imagine how awesome (?) I would do with possible morning sickness, a baby bump, swollen toes, food aversions (oh my gosh bananas, don't go away again for 9 months!!!), emotional instability, back pain, random contractions, less sleep, less exercise, and/or a mental fog that prevents me from remembering anything. Whew! True story: I'm still pretty excited for whenever God permits us to have another baby. Pregnancy, in all of its goofiness, is a blast and I love it to bits. Nonetheless...

Dear self: Here's your friend's baby, take care of her with a selfless, servant love and please wait a little longer before you consider a second pregnancy and giving birth again.


  1. Thanks for the amazing reminder of the complete fact that GOD is the only way to get through every moment and every day. That whole part you wrote totally summarizes my every day at this point! That is so neat that God has given you the chance to be a nanny. Praying for strength and endurance for every day! I think it will be great for Santi too, to be around other babies and kiddos, that way some day when he does have a sibling, it will hopefully be an easy adjustment for him!

    1. Yay! Praise God for touching you with this post. I am hoping Santi adjusts easier this way for future sibs as well. It's a fun adventure with two, definitely full time mommy and not a lot of free time unless its before anyone wakes up early in the morning. I hope and pray you are enjoying each day as a mommy of two! When God allows us to have another bebe I am definitely going to be writing you often asking for the tips and tricks :)