May 15, 2013

Cactus for Dinner

I need to recommend something to you. You need to go to the nearest Mexican store, buy some cactus, and stick it in a pan on medium heat. No oil, no seasoning, just cactus and a hot pan. I served mine with leftover rice, lentils, and raisins (with curry, cinnamon and garam masala). Also involved in this meal: raw, blurry vegetables and a sunflower seed, sesame, parsley dip.

Oh so goodness.

Our peanut thinks cactus is hard to chew, thus proceeded to spit it out upon almost consumption. It'll grow on him, I'm certain.


  1. Tyler did the same thing with cactus in Mexico, but now he likes it; I think he thinks its like green beans. Here in good ol' Western PA where there is absolutely no Mexican presence we can't get fresh cactus....which makes me very sad. We have gotten the Dona Maria ones they sell in vinegar in a jar, but of course it doesn't compare to fresh. It is ok if sauteed for a LONG time to get rid of the vinegary flavor, then served with cilantro, onion, serrano, and tomato in a salad (like they do in Mexico), or if you mix it with eggs scrambled or something like that, but otherwise we just don't get to eat Cactus. Every time we visit family in Indiana and Chicago which have lots of Mexican population, we try to get a bunch from local supermercados there to bring home with us! Enjoy it for us!!

    1. That's so strange to have zero tiendas where you live, I'm so used to seeing dozens of them here in WA. It's true, the texture is kinda like green beans!

      Ohhhhh today is Olivia day! Praying for you :)