May 22, 2013

Dinner Lately, Flying Baby

My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God? 
(Psalm 42:2 NIV)

I had to smile when I saw this as the verse of the day on my phone. I've been thinking of having a certain spot to talk to God each day, around the same time - where? when? I thought it would always be mornings, before everyone wakes, before breakfast and exercise, before checking my email or reading blogs. Usually this works just fine, as long as I wake up a little early and open my bible and journal right away. Then yesterday happened: wake, baby, breakfast prep, put clothes in the wash, put baby down for nap, lunch prep..., and this morning happened: wake, feed hungry eight month old, figure it's a great time to stay awake, feel too tired, back to bed, alarm goes off, can't move a muscle, sleep in, wake with juuuust enough time to feed baby again, get ready for work and leave. No quiet time alone with my Heavenly Father.

My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. WHEN can I go and meet with God?

Must make it top priority. Even over sleep. This is my prayer, I need to make time for us or I won't get through the day very easily.

I hope you have found the perfect time and place to talk to Jesus each day. It really is a blessing to have the ability to communicate with our Creator, and it strengthens you for the unknown day ahead. You can simply meditate on one bible verse, you can write to God in a journal, you can sing to Him praises. However you go to God, just make sure you do it every day, let's make this priority over all other daily activites!

Here's a dinner lately rundown for ya: I usually have a green smoothie for lunch and breakfast (one with kale, another with collards or spinach) and I like to bring in the greens to dinner, as well. So this was a sort of repeat of something I have already done, and it was rad. Raw carrots, some tomato and spinach paired with parsley pesto. Grab your spinach leaf, spoon on some pesto, lie a carrot in the center with a piece of tomato and put another spinach leaf atop that. You got yourself some mini sammiches! On the side I had leftover black rice, and some cilantro bean burgers from our freezer. Also pictured: salsa. It's necessary, friends.

In other news... our baby can fly! He was staring at a painting on the wall, one he seems to think is the bees knees (ie: best creation ever) and has fancied since birth. Silly artist baby.

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