May 7, 2013

Grocery Shopping with Baby

Oh hi there! Tips for grocery shopping with your little one? I can give some of those!
  1. Wait until they have their first nap of the day, or better yet, right when they wake up for the day from anywhere starting at 6:30 to 8:30 in the morning. Hug them, change their diaper, put them in comfy clothing, and buckle them up in the car as fast as you can - oh, and feed them first. Drive away!
  2. Stick them in the grocery cart however you wish: in their carseat, in the shopping cart's seat, or avoid it all together and carry them in your favorite carrier - baby carrying to its finest! Just make sure you leave room for the groceries, which is usually my problem with the carseat-in-cart decision.
  3. Shop to your hearts delight! Show your baby (or toddler, or preschooler, or 10-year-old, or teenager) all your produce, talk about the names and colors. Make it quick, though, and stimulating - shout "KALE! GREEN!" and toss it in the cart, keep the child's mind occupied and entertained or else they will scream.
  4. Quickly make your way to the cash register, unload your goodies and enjoy the fact that your cashier very likely will goo and ooh and "awwwww" at your little one. If your babe is anything like mine, he will stare that woman/man down with the most gentle, loving gaze:

Then leave! Once you are home, you have to figure out your child's needs before you can tackle the groceries. Are they hungry? Tired? In need of a diaper change? Bored out of their mind? Fill that need, whatever it may be. Leave the groceries in the car if your car is freezing and can be a temporary fridge to the perishable items, or you can bring them out to the garage, bottom of the stairs, kitchen counter... just don't expect to be able to put everything away that very moment 'cause it might not happen.

That's all I can give you. We actually did this for probably less than 2 months before I decided it would be easier to make a quick 25 minute round trip to grocery land with a babysitter at home with Santi (in our case that would be his grandparents!) and I fully enjoy being able to put the food away immediately upon arrival home. Mmmm... luke warm celery... you're a thing of the past, buddy.

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