June 15, 2013

9 Months!

Our beautiful blessing hit the nine month mark, praise the Lord! God has taught us even more this month, about living a life of sacrifice, the importance of family time, giving up each day to HIM, and never taking the morning for granted. Each day is a gift, each breath is God-given, each hour is so, so precious. Love bein' a mama and papa :)

Something new for our munchkin' ... he isn't a fan of the monthly photo on the Mexican blanket. The moment I lied him down he started complaining about how life isn't fair, doing this one thing for mami each month is a bore, and then he had a sneezing attack. He didn't mean anything he said, I know, but still, it hurt me deep down. C'mon Sants pants, give your mama a smile please! 

Here are Santiago's highlights for month nine!
  • First fever and rash - cured over time, but was a rough couple of days.
  • Forced friendship - nannying 4 days a week in May, down to 2 days a week for June. He likes her, he really likes her! Woohoo!
  • Rolling onto tummy during nap WAR - frequently rolled onto his tumtum during nap, which caused him to go into an uproar of anger and disapproval. Guess what? Grew into it, loves it now, and is almost always like this:

  • First coconut water tasting - loved!
  • First garage sale - observed and frowned, which is normal Santiago behavior so we say, two thumbs up!
  • Bit mami for the first time while nursing (teethless) and giggled when told, "no" firmly. Repeated x3 
  • Slept in parents bed for first time because of sickness, didn't last more than an hour. Rolling, tossing n' turning, kicking mama in the face, didn't make nursing easier, back to crib. Slept like a pro. NEVAH AGAIN! 
  • sleeps on belly and enjoys it! Finally learned how to roll over on his back if he so desires to! 
  • sleeps through the night! 5 nights so far ----that didn't last, wakes once or twice around midnight and 5-6am, then back to sleep... Sometimes.
  • goes #2 on his potty! First thing in the morning and once or twice during the day (sometimes I miss the "twice" and he diapers it) 
  • he dropped his evening nap! 

  • he always wakes at midnight and 5am and I nurse him. I think we could drop this midnight meal but I'm gonna double check with pediatrician before doing so - 'cause I'm not ready! There are nights when he doesn't wake at all, or wakes only once at 3am - so I know he is capable of sleeping through the night! 
  • he goes to the church nursery on Sundays - first time he lasted 20 minutes, needed a nap. Second time he cried at drop off for a sec, then at pick up. Third time he did great at drop off, then went to screaming cry land when he saw mama/papa.
  • he takes steps but refuses to crawl! Yet, he is working on strengthening his biceps by doing this position on occasion:

  • he tried grains for the first time! Rice and oats, quinoa and buckwheat (which are seeds, not grains, for the record!) 
  • he loves cilantro lentil burgers (made by his mama) and biting into limes! As parents, we enjoy the part where he bites limes. Silly baby with his oh-my-gosh-what's-in-my-mouth lime reaction.

 Thoughts and words from our pediatrician:
  • To drop the nighttime feedings, try to feed him at 11pm. That way, if he wakes from 12-4am, you can rest assure he is well fed, go into his room and comfort him without nursing him and when/if he wakes around 4, you call that daytime and feed the peanut. I tried this on night one, set my alarm for 11:30 and fed him. Had to soothe him at 3am, then he woke at 6am for a meal. Night 2? I set my alarm for 11:30, and ignored it. He woke at 2am and I fed him. Mama fail. I'm working on it...
  • Try transitioning breastfeeding into "snacks" and solids into whole meals. I vote the other way around until he is 1 year old, if he agrees. So I am going to continue to rely on breastmilk to meet all his nutritional needs (protein, fat, calories) and have fun with solids. Once he is one, we will see what he wants to do! I'm hoping to nurse him until he is 2, then ask him what he wants to do. Maybe I'll have four more babies by then, who knows.
  • His iron is rock star good, that's all they did at the 9 month well baby appt. That, as well as got his height and weight. I forgot the numbers already, but he is thinner now (no more 90th percentile!) and tall (84th percentile or so). Our chubby buns is just a boy, no longer a round and squishy baby.

Having a nine month old going on ten month old is so much fun. He is awake for longer periods during the day, so we are able to go for longer walks, have more time together as a family and enjoy our boy. I can't even remember what is was like to hold that 1 month old's little body, to carry around that chubby 3 month ball of giggles, to talk to that 5 month old feisty dude. Each month flies by and I thank our loving Father for giving us this boy, and reminding us constantly of how much we need to cherish each minute with him. Babies are a gift from the Lord, hands down. No doubt about it. No debate. A challenging, growing gift.


  1. happy 9 months! He's such a big happy sunny baby!!! And congrats on the two teeth! My girl doesn't have any yet! hopefully soon! :)

    oh... btw, I'm sure Santi doesn't night feedings anymore. Sofia is only 15 lb and she started sleep through the night since she was 6.5 months old. So she goes without food from 7 to 5:30.

    1. Aww she'll get her teeth when they're ready :) it's so, so fun how their faces seem to change completely even with tiny teeth :)

      I know, you have an amazing sleeper! I know we could train him to sleep through the night, someday soon. Only thing I'm worried about now is that he is living solids so much that he nurses less in the day. So nighttime nursing is amazing for both of us haha. We'll see...!