June 8, 2013

Family Jog at the Park

Do not remember the sins of my youth and my rebellious ways; according to Your love remember me, for You, Lord, are good. 
Psalm 25:7

When we receive Christ into our hearts and decide to follow Him as our Savior and King, our sins are washed away completely through forgiveness. God holds no record of wrongs, no wicked act of ours is left in forgiven, we remain completely pure and new. Of course, we are human beings who fail and fall, so we need His gift of forgiveness often, but each time Jesus cleanses us, He does it thoroughly.

It's such an incredible gift to know that the sins from my troubled youth are no longer part of me! I was one of those teens that thought life was meaningless, my parents were out to ruin the little joy I had, and that all I needed was a boyfriend and 20 best friends in order to have it all. On a daily basis I realized how much of a lie each of those things was, but I continued to feel this way since I didn't know Christ in a deep, personal-Savior, perfect friend and guide type of way. Because of this confusion and lack of His firm foundation in my life to ground me, I was filled with sin and not much cleansing.

So my prayer is like David's in the book of Psalms: I ask The Lord to not remember the sins of my youth or my rebellious ways, but to remember me. And because God is loving, gracious and kind, He does exactly that. I hope you find encouragement in this verse today, and are able to leave all your past mistakes in His purifying hands. We are redeemed and can start new every day, let's rejoice in this promise from our heavenly Father!

Yet another huge blessing of having family morning. It's a funny thing, how much we take for granted the simple art of: time together. When you're single, you have lots of time for everyone, if you want to. When you're married, you have lots of time with your best friend and spouse. When you have a baby, you have lots of time with your baby. Then papa or mama goes to work, maybe full time or part time, maybe on the weekends, maybe nights and weekends, maybe 5 days a week for long shifts, and family time ends up being once a week, for half the day, twice a month. Or something, am I right? Well, that's been our journey, more or less. So now I find myself giddy and overwhelmed with joy when God blesses us with a full day together as a family of three. It's the bestest. really.

Praise the Lord! Oh & I am able to jog a little now, so that's been fun! The shin splints, knee pain and sore legs aren't uh-mazing, but that is just my body's way of telling me to take it slow and stop pretending that I am an athlete since I've been on "break" for over a year. Silly body. Silly stubborn self.

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