June 6, 2013

Family Walks at High School Tracks

This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down His life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters. 
1 John 3:16

God died for us. He sent His Son, perfect and holy, to die so that we can have hope for what comes after this life is over, so that we can be saved from eternity without Him and saved from the slavery of sin. Christ died in our place, suffering an indescribable pain we can hardly begin to imagine, for us sinners. I am left in awe of the love God has for us. In return, He asks that we love others just as He loves us. In a selfless servant way: going as far as being willing to give up our lives for them. It's a love that says, "Your needs come first, you are special to me, you are a sinner just like I am and I want to serve you because I love Jesus and that's what He calls me to do."

Since Eduardo finished his training and the big marathon race in Eugene last month, we have enjoyed a few early morning family walks together. Santiago wakes up early, around 6:30-7:00am, so it's a perfect time for all of us to get out behinds out of the house and into nature where exercise and quiet time awaits us. Our favorite spot is a high school track close to our home. We used to visit there often pre-baby days in the wee 5:00am hours of the morning before work - it was insanity, it was cold, it was dark, it made us almost late for work 7,000 times, but it was a gift from God. I remember how rich it felt to talk to Jesus each time we went. There were zero distractions (beside the random noises escaping the darkness and throwing off my peace) and we were blessed to watch the light of the day appear slowly. Loved it to bits.

Santi is a pretty serious babe in that stroller. He stares, he grins 1 out of 140 times, he doesn't usually make much noise. I'm just thankful he doesn't cry the whole time - which tells me he... likes it? Who knows!

Each time papa Edu lapped us I turned the stroller around to face him so Santi could watch him fly by. I love the grin I caught on Edu's face! Babies cause a lot of joy, I recommend you start a family if you haven't done so already (teehee!).

So thankful!

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