June 30, 2013

Father's Day? When was that?

Whoever pursues righteousness and kindness will find life, righteousness, and honor.
Proverbs 21:21

God has grace for us. He created us with free will and knows we are going to make mistakes often. He knows fully well that we aren't perfect and doesn't expect any of us to be perfect. This verse confirms these truths. If we TRY to live a life in a way that pleases Him, in righteousness and kindness to others, He will bless us with LIFE, with righteousness and honor. He will gift these qualities to us even though we don't deserve them. He doesn't ask us for perfection (praise the Lord, because that would make each day such a burden!) but He asks us to make an effort to be like His Son, Jesus Christ. If we stumble, or I should say WHEN we stumble, He is gracious and forgiving in giving us another opportunity. He will help us back on our feet and guide us on His path for us if we trust in Him with our whole hearts and seek to glorify Him with our lives. Give yourself up to Jesus, there's joyful life in living for Him!


Oh gorsh. I made a bad choice. Here's father's day! We love our papa Edu (says Santi). I love my papa papa (says me). I love my papa in Mexico (says Edu). God has blessed our families with incredible, incredible father figures. 

We served up BBQ salmon, baked potato pieces with green onion, veg kabobs and the fixin's! It was joyous and yummy and fun! 

This is my younger brother Jacob. He is my happy friend and I love him dearly so.

Santiago ate more food than 3 adult sized horse would eat in a week. We applauded him on his work well done. 

My mum thought of this idea: give the baby kitchen tools. He was fascinated for 8 straight hours. I'm exaggerating. Which is weird, because I never do that (lie).


 This is my older brother, Ryan. He is tall like my papa. He is nice. I love him much so. I like to use simple sentences to express my feelings.

Then I taught my mom how to be a professional photographer using the manual mode on the camera. First, you find your subjects and correct the lighting. 

Then you try to entertain baby. Hmph.

My mom has a huge, huge, huge, huge, huge, huge servant heart and made everyone watermelon cake (see my birthday post for details on these amazing creations). We were filled with yummy images of future breakfasts - a week's worth of breakfasts, to be exact. SO GOOOOOOD OH MY GOSHHSHHHHHH. 

Here are the rest of the family membah's with papa. Oh yeah, me! Oh, my sister! Oh, little brother! Oh, son-in-law, also known as my hubs that I wuv gently and much.

end of happy Father's day post that is 59 days late. At least it exists. Yay!


  1. That was a beautiful day and the food was amazing, thank you for everything : )

    1. I had a beautiful time! You're welcome for the help, although all I remember is helping with the consumption of potatoes and vegetable kabobs :) love you mami!