June 5, 2013

Simple Plant-Based Dinners

Life has been busy. Not a "I have no time to think" type of busy, but a change of priorities busy that leaves less time for blogging. If I cannot find time to blog, I am going to accept it and move on with life. I used to be (and still am, but it's being worked on) a perfectionist blogger in the sense that I enjoy seeing a new post every. single. day. If the bloggers that I follow don't post daily, I'm okay with it and it goes unnoticed. But if I go and skip one day of posting - it's the end. So I have a trick where I type up a handful of posts and I was able to change the date on each one so it would appear as if I posted daily, when in reality I skipped a week and a half and it bothered me.

All that babble said, hello! I didn't blog for many days, but I had 4 posts pending so here they are. I'm still enjoying food photography, baby boy Santiago James photography, and bible verse reflecting. So that's what this blog is going to be all about. Enjoy!


For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified. 
1 Corinthians 2:2

Paul is talking about having our egos filled up like a water balloon with wisdom - we don't need that! It's unnecessary! He resolved to "know nothing" except JESUS. As the message version of the verse before this one says, "I didn't try to impress you with polished speeches and the latest philosophy." Paul kept the message clear and simple: Jesus Christ crucified for our sins.

I used to think that, in order to be a true believer and mature follower of Jesus, I had to know every bible verse in the book. I also mistakingly believed that I also needed some sort of education (Bachelor, Masters etc) in order to proclaim the gospel correctly. Whenever I went to bible study as a teen and young adult, I felt incompetent compared to those around me because I didn't know the answers to the theological questions we were asked, and I couldn't find the book of Malachi as fast as others could. This really pushed me away from youth group as I got older and made me leave it completely (I still attended regular church service with my parents and siblings).

But the Holy Spirit has really worked in me these past couple years since I've been married. I found that just opening up God's Holy Book daily, as well as frequent communication with Him, is really what helps a believer grow. Like Paul said, all we need is to know and believe fully that Christ was sent by His Father to die for our sins and rose again three days later. All we need to know and believe fully is that God loves us richly and calls us to love just as He does: unconditionally and humbly. All we need to know and believe is that there IS life after death and we have a CHOICE between heaven and hell - which we choose by either following Christ and living for Him, or ignoring His message and living for ourselves, the world, and other gods.

Simply: Christ crucified. That's the message we need to take home and preach to the world.

Dinner time! This specific meal was a little bit o' everything! I made a coconut dressing (recipe here) with the meat of a young Thai coconut (oh my gosh how easy it is to open these, thanks to this video!) atop greens and carrots. Then I microwaved some pinto beans, quinoa and carrot. I love me some soft carrot, they turn so sweet! And of course salsa. Because I have an addiction.

This next meal was awesome in my belly belly. Pan-fried (no oil or anything just heat!) cactus, quinoa in the middle, and a collard "taco" with parsley sesame pesto and carrots. Creamy, crunchy, crispy good.

Next dinnah was romaine, tomato and lime juice. Oh lime juice, you really dress greens to perfection! On the side, quinoa, steamed vegetables and almond sauce.

Keep dinners simple, get your calories in, enjoy every bite!

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