June 29, 2013

Transitioning to Raw Food

The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; the Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes. The Lord has done it this very day; let us rejoice today and be glad. 
Psalm 118:22-24

I really enjoy these verses - we have rejected the stone (Jesus) who has become the cornerstone (the Rock and center foundation of all things). I always read commentaries to get a better idea of the reasoning behind the scripture, and I'm going to share Matthew Henry's thoughts on these verses (with my emphasis' added):

"Those who saw Christ's day at so great a distance, saw cause to praise God for the prospect. The prophecy, verses 22,23, may refer to David's preferment; but principally to Christ. 1. His humiliation; he is the Stone which the builders refused: they would go on in their building without him. This proved the ruin of those who thus made light of him. Rejecters of Christ are rejected of God. 2. His exaltation; he is the chief Cornerstone in the foundation. He is the chief Top-stone, in whom the building is completed, who must, in all things, have the pre-eminence." Matthew Henry's commentary 

It's a beautiful thing - all needs to be built on the Rock of Christ or it will fall. We can apply this to an entire country, our city, our workplace and home. If, as builders, we reject this necessary Stone that is Jesus, our buildings will surely fall. Our marriages will crumble to the ground without Jesus as the firm foundation, our jobs will leave us empty, our homes will often shake without Him as the center. It's all, all about putting our Lord Jesus as the head of our lives in all aspects and leaning on Him always.

Guess what I went and did? I decided to transition into a high-raw vegan diet. What is this? Basically, in my case, it's a fruit meal for breakfast, a fruit meal for lunch with greens (think banana and kale smoothie), and a bunch of amazing vegetables at night. Sometimes the nighttime vegetables are cooked, sometimes they are caloric dense foods like potatoes or yams, sometimes nighttime is a huge salad. Sometimes I eat a bunch of fruit for dinner.  Why? Because it makes sense to me. I've read blogs. I'm reading books. I enjoy every bite. And I feel amazing physically. I used to always be bloated every. single. night. and since I stopped eating grains and beans/legumes, and stopped improperly combining foods during the day, my belly is happy and bloat-free. Woop! Go food! Here are a few of my dinners that went down before I decided to go high-raw. 

Cooked butternut squash, mashed. Sauteed broccoli sticks and bell pepper, I think those were leftovers. Baked tofu. Steamed carrots. Food processor-attacked beets, sauteed. Yums! So well rounded and full of flavor.

Steamed carrots, cabbage and some italian seasoning with quinoa. Baked sweet potato shared with my peanut baby boy, Santiago. He lovin' him some sweet tato!

It was all super yummy but eating more living foods has been even yummier. I don't miss nighttime bloating, I don't miss crazy frequent uncomfortable flatulence, I don't miss feeling so stuffed I can't take another bite of salad. And if I do start missing any of them foods, guess what? I will eat them again. I love no rules! Food is fun.

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