July 15, 2013

Santi James Boy: 10 Months!

Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow! We have a ten month old on our hands, folks. And we love him to bits and bits and pieces.

Oh. hi. I'm Santiago James. and I am full of fluffy-haired sweetness.

Let's read about what this little guy has been up to for the past month or so:
  • He has taken three steps unassisted! Walking from the couch to his mama, as well as from grandma to grandpa, and from papa to mama, and from standing by himself away from papa to papa's arms. Go, Sants pants, go!
  • he stands with help, has stood alone by 20 seconds straight! Okay so there was no clock watch involved but it has felt like 3 whole minutes before. It's impressive, however short/long it lasts. Standing isn't easy! He's a wobbly, finding-my-balance-don't-touch-me-anybody boy.
  • has two teethies that shine like the sun and surprise me every time I catch a glimpse.

  • 2 naps about 1-2 hours each, not always a fan of nap #2 - we thought for a little bit that maybe he wanted to drop his 2nd nap like he recently dropped nap #3, but I think we were just timing it wrong. He lasts awake from 2 1/2 to 2 3/4 hours in the morning after he wakes for the day, then around 3 hours on the dot between the end of nap #1 and the start of nap #2
  • art of screaming: gets it, owns it, will share it with you often.
  • likes the idea of crawling but won't follow through
  • knows the sound of the garage door opening and looks for his papa
  • likes kitchen gadgets more than toys
  • can and will walk around the entire house 14,000 times if you hold his hands and allow him to. 
  • Think it's funny when I let him grab a hold of the camera lens cap and he proceeds to put it directly into his mouth. I think it's funny when I snap a photo of an odd expression of his unacceptable behavior. Seriously he looks like a 40 something year old man in this picture, what up Santi?!
  •  The other day he had a toy tractor on the floor ahead of him (he was in standing mode) and he actually walked over to it, decided not to bend down and grab it but step on it like he was Godzilla or something. Really, though, if we had had a girl, would she have done that? Did God instill this in the hearts of boys? Step on things! Take it all apart! I'm entertained. Speaking of destruction...
  • Destroys his toys like a real boy should, would, could, does (and has awesome bed hair all the while).

  • has opened FaceTime (okay, it was an accident but it was still cute - like he was saying, "call my abuelita (grandma) now!!"
  • recognizes his family in Mexico and smiles at them
  • learned the art of the straw with his first try. Shoot, this babe will do a whole lot if it means yummy food is going to reach his belly! He set his mind to it and ran away with this new skill. It makes feeding him smoothies in the car so, so easy and smoothie snacks are completely clean! For the most part, besides his green gotee left under his lip :)
  • Sneaky boy likes to push peas, corn, berries off the high chair onto the floor through the slot between the high chair and table.
  • Has a whole week where he skipped his 2nd nap and decided to cry instead
  • He has told me that hard, round fruits like apples are the best for teething. He expresses discomfort and isn't appreciative when a piece of the apple was removed with his 2 little teeth and touched his tongue. I think he ate it, though. Just with a grimace. 
  • 2 meals a day of solids + nursing often, longest nursing happens in the nighttime before bed, and upon waking up.
  • He wants to know why strange human-like statues exist and if they can cease to exist soon because they make him uncomfortable.

  • Kiwi gives this bubba a face and neck rash but he loves its sweetness
  • Awesome pincer abilities with small pieces of food
  • Watched me stack blocks the other day and proceeded to pick up a block himself and try to bring it up to the top of the stack - I was amazed!
  • Thinks his papa is the funniest human ever created.

  • Watched me put a cloth on my head for fun, he pulled it off my head then tried to put it back on my head - again, amazed at this babe!
  • Goes #2 in his potty all the time if I am not lazy, I catch him in "push" mode and run him to his little toilet!
  • He doesn't care about fireworks! This was his face while he watched his papa light off baby-friendly firecrackers:

  • He pretends to want to walk down the stairs but backs out at the last possible minute and turns around for mama or papa to pick him up. Then grandma Pam recently pointed out that teaching a baby to walk down the stairs is actually nonsense and dangerous and they will surely fall so you should teach them to turn around and crawl down backwards! Oh goodness, I am so thankful that she opened my eyes to that one. Pure madness could have ensued if I had not learned this important fact of baby life.
  • He can walk up stairs while holding your hands!

  • He stares outside the window every time he hears an airplane or truck.
  • He can open cabinet doors (woohoo for not being able to crawl/walk and do this when I'm not paying attention!) 
  • He played outside in his tub tub when it was 90* F!

  • Bubba ate sushi for the first time and loved it! (nori seaweed, white rice and avocado with raw ginger)
  • He loves the baby girl I nanny and hugs her with his feet when they are lying down, and touches her nose as gentle as a wittle rabbit.
  • He met the waves and wasn't a fan! Okay, so he stared at them cautiously then walked toward them with me and out of no where they decided to greet us up to our shins. He screamed. Then did it again. Then wanted it to end. 

  • He now makes fun sounds and googoos and all sorts of "words" that fill us with great joy. Included, but not limited to, "ma ma ma ma da da bu bu bu na na na"
  • He does goofy things like sleeping through the night one night, then frantically realizing it at 5:00am and crying wildly for a milk session - followed by a night of frequent nursing, followed by up-just-once, followed by madness I can never predict. I love babies!
  •  He visited the public library for the first time and stared at the child across the table doing his word puzzle as if he were the strangest little boy ever to speak. Then Santi met his first pine cone on the walk back to the car, which I quickly threw back into nature because it immediately covered my hand and phone is sap. Boo.

  • Wears 18 month clothes almost all the time now. I don't know how much of his clothing is actually 9-12 months, but goodness me I am thankful his growing has simmered down a bit because to put all of what he has now in storage boxes and go for 24 month clothing would throw me off a bit. He does, however, thanks to loving family members, already have some 2-year-old outfits waiting for him.
  • I much enjoy standing him up against a log at nearby parks and beaches to take his photo. I don't know why, it just looks like too much cuteness to avoid I s'pose. He also likes to observe the world around him and contemplate life's deep meaning. Pants-lookin'-too-short alert:

Being parents has taught me so, so much and we are only 10 months into it. God has really been showing me how to be more like Christ Jesus by being a mama. I mean, we are placed in a situation as parents to serve this itty bitty being. Their needs might clash with your needs, their timing not in line with your timing, but ultimately it's about making them feel loved and cherished like God loves and cherishes us as His children. Meet their needs, assure them you are near, enjoy each moment. I love it all, even when it's one of those challenging, how-am-I-supposed-to-do-this types of days. God is in control of each day He gives us, we are called to trust Him, lean on Him, and guide our kiddos to do the same. It's a beautiful gift that leaves me in awe!

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  1. We Love you sweet Santi, you are growing so fast : )