August 17, 2013

Santiago James 11 Months!

• we lowered his crib! For the sake of NOT waiting until he attempts to crawl out and land on his head.
• he hands us stuff and takes it back!
• he started "snacking" on breastmilk during the day and then having longer nursing sessions at nighttime. Easier when we go out in public cause I just bring a banana smoothie along and he's good!
• he fed me a piece of strawberry and a piece of orange! He thought it was hilarious and fun but... proceeded to hold food up to me and say, "syke!" As he brought it quickly to his own mouth. Tricky tricky.

• he gets super excited when watching me water the lettuce we planted, and hold his hand under the water as it pours out of the spout. He also likes putting dirt in his mouth and being extra sneaky as he chews on small pebbles that I didn't see him consume...
• he likes to high five when he is eating! He started to hold one hand/arm in the air so I began responding by saying, "high five!" And he seemed to have caught on since it is now followed by a big grin and giggle (from both of us).
• he love himself the kitchen cabinets! including glassware, the spice rack, pots and pans, and a tortilla holder.

• 2 more teeth popping through on the top row, it's adorable and I may have squealed in the car when I first saw them. Why is it so exciting?! Weeeee!
• Sat up from from lying down after his nap! I almost cried when I opened his door and was greeted by this surprising sight. (Also did this once in the middle of the night and it threw my brain for a loop when I went in his room and found him just sitting in his crib crying in his dark room).
• Took 4 steps on his own while holding into the tortilla keeper-warmer! Balance magic.
• Likes to play with the paper towels and rip apart kleenex for long periods of time. I like that both are inexpensive children's toys.

• Fought me like a determined angry man during a diaper change (make that 4, in the entire day, that included flipping, twisting and turning while screaming atop his baby lungs)
• Stands up from sitting (while pulling up onto something sturdy like his crib bars or the couch) if he feels like it, which isn't often and he probably won't do it if you want him to so you can videotape him!
• He waved goodbye to his grandparents for the first time! And then decided to nevah do it again. For weeks.
• He looks straight up in the air and searches attentively if you shout, "balloon!"

• 3 days before his 11 month bday - he started to "officially" crawl in weird, one leg ways! All over the room!
• He copies us when we make a coughing noise and giggles.
• He tried fresh figs for the first time! Enjoyed much so, kept staring at the creepy looking insides between each bite.
• His typical meals=
  • nurse in the morning around 6, sleep another 1-2 hours. 
  • Breakfast: watermelon and berries 
  • Snack: breastfeed 
  • Lunch: kale or spinach banana smoothie, whole banana on the side 
  • Snack: breastfeed 
  • Dinner: steamed veggies and sweet potato with half an avocado 
  • Snack: breastfeed before bed.
**We switch up the fruit, sometimes blueberries are involved, melon, mango, etc. basically if we are eating it for breakfast or lunch, so is he!

• Orange and pineapple smoothies give his bum a rash! At least, I think they are the culprit. So we are going to stop giving them to him so often and hold off until a year old.
• He is fascinated by our (electric, fake, magic?) fireplace and thinks it's better than allllll of his toys.
• He has pulled up onto furniture TWICE! from sitting position!
• Teething troubles: screaming and yelling and fighting about the existence of life (woohoo UPDATE: he only did this for a couple days. SO THANKFUL)

God is so full of love. Each day is a gift, no matter how high or low I rated on the mama scale. I am in awe that our peanut is almost one entire. year. old.

more babies, please!

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  1. I can't believe he is almost 1 yr old. Time is flying by and each day is a gift from God with that sweet adorable little guy. Love, Mami