September 30, 2013

4 Mile Race Recap!

Last race: May 2012, 5 months pregnant.

Training: began jogging 20 mins or so while pushing Santi in the Bob stroller a couple months ago, 1-2 times a week (in our neighborhood that includes a steep hill). Walking 5-6 days a week for 30 minutes. Yoga, squats while brushing my teeth, push ups and the like every so often during the week when time allows.

In other words: very little training for a road race, but maintaining a pretty active lifestyle and building up muscle/endurance little by little.

Diet: been eating 801010 since May of this year. Fruit meals, fruit and green smoothies, giant salads at night and sometimes steamed vegetables. High raw, high carb, low fat, no more beans, grains (I tried out this "diet" to help heal my gut from frequent bloating, gas and general over eating on *expensive* nuts and seeds). I do eat avocado once in a while or some seeds.

Basically: Raw fruit. Raw and cooked vegetables. Little avocado or seeds (half an avocado every couple days, or a handful of seeds blended into a salad dressing once every couple of weeks, if I feel like taking that much time in the kitchen!).

Race: 4 miles. Fairly flat course. 70* F.

What happened before the race:
*start drinking 1 L water once I wake, takes me about an hour*
5:30am wake, nurse baby, get ready
6:00am yoga, talk to Jesus, do pelvic floor exercises
6:20am work on computer finishing Santi's 11 month video
6:50am bible time
7:00am watermelon!
9:00am race.

What happened during the race:
• Slight chest pressure after a couple miles - from lack of training and bringing up my heart rate.
• Zero knee, ankle, hip pain praise the Lord!
• Went at a comfortable pace without a watch, listening to my body and picking up the pace toward what I assumed was the near end.

Post race fuel:
• water (8oz)
• 1/3 large watermelon
• a little later a 4 banana/spinach smoothie
• More banana/spinach smoothie once we got home a few hours later.

The stats. 
OH them stats! So, as I mentioned I just, basically... ran. I didn't have a goal really, except to "obey" my body if it said, "THAT HURTS!" and to enjoy each step. It was a gift to spend the entire time talking to Jesus, as if I were with a running buddy and talking about life with them the whole way. I can see why people love themselves a running pal, because talking to someone makes the run/race even more enjoyable! And, well, in this case, I can't imagine many strangers being super stoked about me starting up a conversation with them mid-race. Especially for those with earphones on, listening to their favorite tunes. "Oh hi! You like to run? Me too, like to run. Your first race? Many races before? What's your goal? Just for fun? PR? I like your shoes, nice running shirt. How do you keep your earphones from falling out once you start to sweat?" Hmmm... nope, still seems like it wouldn't be appreciated. 

I hoped to cross the finish line before the 45 minute mark. Before I ever ran "fast" (which to me, is nothing less than a 25 minute 5K, or 8ish minute miles. That might be really, really bad math, but it's been a while since I ran and timed all of that business!) I could comfortably run 10 minute miles. My very first 5K in February 2009 took me 35+ minutes. So I gave myself the 45 minutes for 4 miles. We realized we did not bring a race watch as we were leaving the house, but I told Edu to leave it since I didn't want to pressure myself.

Once I saw the finish line near, I was glad. I really had no idea of my race time, and felt like I took the race pretty steady and on the slower side, which my legs and body seemed thankful for. I can't remember if I noticed it on Edu's face when he saw me run up to the finish, but apparently he wasn't even paying attention since he also expected me around 40+ minutes. I could tell as I got closer to him that he was excited about my earlier than expected arrival time.

time: 35:31
average pace: 8:53/mile

I felt great. I finished, caught my breath (yes, my heart was beating at rapid speeds against my chest - oh do I remember those days!) and greeted my family. Their faces made me happy. My hubby's happiness made me happy. Our baby boy made me happy. Lots of love. It's beautiful to see God's love shine through the love He places in other people's hearts. It was a great day. We followed race fun with a visit to my cousins who live nearby, and then a bunch of food at home, and a day of rest and relaxation. That's not true, we probably went grocery shopping and spent the whole afternoon doing stuff. I can't remember. I told you this all happened last month, right? Labor Day? Yeah. Long time ago. I'm ready for race #2!

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