October 3, 2013

1 Ingredient Mango Dressing

For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form, and in Christ you have been brought to fullness. He is the head over every power and authority.

Colossians 2:9, 10 NIV

Incredible. My husband and I are absolutely amazed by these verses. They popped up as the "bible verse of the day" on our phones the other day, and we couldn't help but to sit there and meditate on them for a while.

For in Christ, all the fullness of the Deity - which is God and the Holy Spirit - lives in bodily form. Since Christ came to this earth in the form of a man, like us. So God and the Spirit live in bodily form through Jesus Christ. That's the trinity! Three in One.

And in Christ we have been brought to fullness. This is saying that in Christ we are also full of God and His Spirit. All the fullness of the Deity lives in us, too. When we give our lives to Jesus Christ, repent of all our past and present sin (acknowledge and confess all the wrong we have done), believe He does and rose again on the cross in order to give us life, Christ then lives in us. And if the Deity, which is God and the Holy Spirit, are in Christ, then they are in us, as well.

Absolutely beautiful. Mind boggling. We are so, so unworthy.

Christ is the head over every power. It's all. about. Jesus. The debate within other religions (cults) that says we can all, by believing in a higher power that may or may not be God, essentially on different paths, get to the same place - is a complete lie. It's all about JESUS. If you don't trust and believe and follow Jesus, you are on a lost, dark, empty path. It's all about Jesus. Only though Jesus. Only because of Jesus. Only by the blood of Jesus.

I have so much hope in Him!

True story. This is one of my favorite ways to enjoy an ├╝ber ripe mango. So grab your pots, pans, measuring cups and spoons (that's all a lie) and let's get ready to make a dressing!

Mango Dressing
the salad recipe ~ serves 1
  • 1-2 heads of your favorite leafy green
  • 3 english cucumbers (long, thin, peeled!)
  • 2 big mangoes
For the dressing:
  1. Peel the mangoes, and blend the juicy flesh until smooth.
For the salad:
  1. Chop your greens.
  2. Spiralize (or use this) your cucumber.
  3. Add dressing on top.
  4. Eat.
This salad is woah mania and even more woah mania with chopped tomatoes, bell pepper or more mango in chunks. Enjoy this sweetness!

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