October 20, 2013

Green Smoothie & The State Fair

Know therefore that the Lord your God is God; He is the faithful God, keeping His covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love Him and keep His commandments.
Deuteronomy 7:9

There is no other god but the Lord Himself. He is God alone. He was, is, and forever will be, the one and only God. When we call God by any other name, we are using His holy, sacred name in vain. He tells us clearly through His scripture who He is. To say, "hmmm you know what? I have a better idea, let's call Him _______." Is wrongly saying you have authority over Him, just as our parents have authority over us and named us as infants. I never thought of using God's name in vain this way.

I have been following the sermon from Mars Hill on the 10 Commandments and coming to realize that I have broken the first 3 so far. I used to think of myself as "good" on number 3: Do not use the name of the Lord your God in vain. I was raised in a Christian home and although I didn't truly follow the Lord until a teenager, I always avoided saying "oh my God". To me, that was the big one. If I said it, I would immediately be like everyone else. No one would know that I was a Christian. By saying "gosh" I was BOLD, right? Well, I wouldn't give myself that much credit. But anyway. Apparently even atheists will avoid saying, "God" in that statement since they believe He doesn't exist. So I basically made myself blend in with either followers of Christ or followers of the devil. Those are big contrasts.

In other ways, it came naturally to use God's name in vain. In some instances, I would say I was a Christian, but I was far from living a life truly for Him. Honestly, all I can remember is living a life for me, to fulfill my needs, pleasures, satisfactions. To receive love, and only then give love back. To receive praise, and only then give praise in return. It's completely opposite of how Christ lived and how He calls His followers to live. To sing Him praise songs on Sunday and Wednesday at church, even to pray to Him and ask things in His name (oh how I remember all the times I prayed for a boyfriend!) I believe that during many of those activities I falsely used the Father's name in vain. I made God's BIG name small. His POWERFUL name weak. His HOLY name ordinary.

And by His grace and love, I find myself here at 25 years old. He has completely transformed my heart, soul and mind. I still stumble daily, but instead of catching myself, He catches me and brings me back to my feet. Instead of being overwhelmed with guilt each time I slip, I remember His faithfulness and how He never leaves my side, and that I need to run to His word and spend time with Him to get back on track. Instead of trying to be satisfied with worldly things (friends, possessions, success at work, peak health, blogging, popularity) which always leave me feeling incapable, chasing a dream I will never be satisfied in, I am satisfied in Jesus Christ, my Rock, my fortress, my refuge, my King, my Savior and friend.

So I touched on just part of this verse, because the first line really stood out to me. "Therefore know that the Lord your God is God; He is the faithful God."

It's all about Him.

It's all about where you will find yourself the day after you leave this earth.

It's all about God. The One God. The only God.

Back in September I was able to convince the family to head over to the Puyallup Fair (also actually known as, "The Fair"). There were animals, there was sunshine, and our baby boy was highly stimulated. Before we jump into those photos, I wanted to share a quick, filling, rich green smoothie in a bowl I recently enjoyed!

Ultimate Green Smoothie in a Bowl!
Serves 1 hungry human or 2 snackers or 3 toddlers?
  • 5 bananas, 2 fresh 2 frozen
  • 3 cups kale or spinach
  • 1/2 cup water
Blend that business! Add frozen berries (I used tart cherries from Costco and blueberries) and call it a woah-that's-so-good meal!  For a baby: add a couple tablespoons of ground seeds, like flaxseed, chia seeds or hemp seeds. This will up the Omega 3 fats which are keen and joyous for their developing brains!

Now, onto the fair! We drove down (up? side ways? I know very little geography even when it comes to my own state...) with my parents, and met up with my sister and my brother in law. We smelled cattle, we gazed upon fascinating birds, and saw some wild creatures you would expect to find in a zoo, not a fair. So much fun, and Santiago at his little age of... under a year? just turned a year? was in awe!

mama and her giant truck filling her mind with joy and wonder

sister love and her love

Who is ready for next year? Santi says, "not me because you skipped my nap and the drive home was absolutely horrendous." Sorry, Sants. We'll try to do better next time. Love you baby boy!

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