October 22, 2013

Santiago: 1 Year Birthday!

You know when you have little to no planning done with regards to your child's first birthday party? You never really imagined this day coming, with ideas that flowed heavily from your mind, dreams and illusions of something spectacular? And then your child was less than 3 weeks away from turning one year old, and you realized you should probably start planning something. anything. really. Well. That's where I found myself last month. And thankfully, after a quick round of internet browsing, I got my ideas together and came up with this simple, maybe a little too late on a Saturday evening, party.

Pom pom tutorial: here.
Decor made from cardboard and acrylic paint.
Tutorial on pennant banner: here.

I found the tissue paper at the Goodwill store and WalMart, the pennant banner fabric from Goodwill, and the string/remaining needed items from WalMart as well. Shutterfly had a deal for 100 4x6" photos for only the cost of shipping ($8) so I took advantage of that and used Santi's cute face to decorate the home! Spent less than $20 on everything. Already had the acrylics and cardboard. All we needed was a little extra time (hello 4am alarm clock for 2 weeks!) and some motivation. Onward!

Also, because the party started at 5:00pm, the lightening was pretty rough. So that left me with a lot of editing on the photos. Ah well, the details :) My loving folks bought him a wagon for his birthday, which was used for my younger brother's wedding since Santi was ring bearer. We tested out ye' ol' wagon to make sure it was Santi friendly. It was!


God completely filled us with so many loving family members and friends. It was a (slightly overwhelming, but...) enjoyable time to get together and celebrate all 365 days of Santiago James! We love you, our little toddler boy. Here's to year two, and maybe better planning for future birthdays. Praise the Lord for our little babe, and all the ups and downs of his past 12 months. Being parents is a goofy, awesome rollercoaster. Can we make more? ;)

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